Aqua Announces Cloud-Native Security Platform

Aqua Security adds Aqua CSP to VMware Cloud Marketplace

Aqua Announces Cloud-Native Security Platform

Aqua Security, a company committed to helping businesses keep their cloud-native solutions secure, recently announced the arrival of their flagship platform on the VMware marketplace. Aqua Security offers exceptional security solutions for container-based, cloud-native, and serverless applications. The company chose to deliver its flagship platform, Aqua CSP on the VMware cloud marketplace to help customers easily find and deploy the cloud safety tools they need.

Once partners have validated their solutions with VMware, they can publish them on the VMware cloud platform to reach customers who want to find and deploy best-in-class offerings from a range of environments. Aqua CSP is already a VMware PKS Partner, designed to address the challenges that businesses often face with isolation, control, visibility, and more in container and cloud environments. The availability of Aqua CSP on the VMware marketplace is sure to appeal to a wide range of customers today.

The Benefits of Aqua CSP

Aqua CSP allows businesses of all sizes to get the control and visibility that they need in the cloud while ensuring that their environments remain as transparent as possible for DevOps purposes. This means that companies can reap the benefits of containers and the cloud, without compromising on security. With Aqua CSP through Pivotal PKS and VMware, companies can unlock an end-to-end security solution that includes:

  • Runtime controls that help with monitoring container activity in real-time based on machine learning profiles, custom policies, and more
  • Penetration testing of Kubernetes against various common attack vectors
  • In-depth assessment of the security of any Kubernetes clusters against hundreds of tests in the CIS benchmark test
  • Vulnerability shielding using virtual patching which detects and protects against the attempted exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Image scanning for known vulnerabilities, enforcement of image integrity through the development lifecycle, and malicious code detection

An Exciting Opportunity for Growth

Upesh Patel

Upesh Patel

According to the VP of Business Development for Aqua Security, Upesh Patel, the brand is excited to be a part of the VMware cloud marketplace. Aqua believes that entering the cloud marketplace will make it easier for VMware customers to find Aqua’s CSP solution and use it to access enterprise-grade security in their computing environments.

With Aqua technology, customers will be able to build mission-critical applications with VMware or Pivotal PKS and then secure their application lifecycle in a highly transparent and scalable way. The GM of Cloud Services for VMware, Milin Desai said that the company is excited to see Aqua Security joining the VMware Cloud Marketplace. The company’s security offerings will help IT, teams, to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and boost operational consistency across a range of cloud environments.


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