Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN Boosts Office 365 Application Response Times

Aryaka supports City & Guilds Group with SD-WAN

Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN Boosts Office 365 Application Response Times

Aryaka NetworksLeading SD-WAN provider, Aryaka recently announced that its technology has helped the global learning company City & Guilds to achieve better application response times for Office 365. The result has been improved collaboration and productivity for users in Europe and the Asia-Pacific market.

According to the State of SD-WAN Connectivity report, the average time taken for a single 100KB file to move between Asia and the Americas can be up to 4000 milliseconds. However, by using a private network native to the cloud like Aryaka, companies may be able to access a 4.1 times faster performance in their applications, with 2.5 times reduced variation in response time.

A Solution to Slow Response Times

The City & Guilds Group is a company that works alongside governments, corporations, and education providers to support and shape the skills of employers in more than 100 countries. As a global organisation, City & Guilds has team members scattered around the world. These professionals often collaborate using the Office 365 applications, but the brand revealed that its users were struggling to access the Office 365 system hosted in Dublin. It was taking as long as 37 seconds to load a single file from the SharePoint and guilds
According to the CIO for the City & Guilds Group, Alan Crawford, users in New Zealand were taking anywhere up to 15 seconds to open a standard document. This had a serious impact on productivity and efficiency and meant that the business struggled to meet its revenue goals. In the search for a solution, the group turned to the SD-WAN tool offered by Aryaka.

A Huge Increase in Performance

Aryaka’s SD-WAN as a service solution meant that the City & Guilds group could deploy their new service within the hour, and users instantly saw dramatic improvements, significant enough to let them collaborate in real-time. Just some of the improvements the company saw to their Office 365 experience included:

  • An upgrade from 37.31 seconds on average to load a SharePoint file, to 12.88 seconds
  • An upgrade from 36.72 seconds to upload a file to OneDrive, to 12.30 seconds
  • An upgrade from 9.87 seconds to open a SharePoint file to 0.05 seconds

According to Crawford, colleagues across the globe were able to access their files, and load content to SharePoint at a rate of up to three times faster, with a 200 times reduction in the time to open 10MB files.

Supporting the Global Team

Alan Crawford

CIO for the City & Guilds Group, Alan Crawford

Thanks to Aryaka and their SD-WAN solution, the City & Guilds group can now collaborate seamlessly and painlessly over shared documents and create new learning materials for their customers at a rapid pace.

The founder and CTO of Aryaka, Ashwath Nagaraj, noted that speed in collaboration will be an important factor in the future as businesses continue to expand at a global level. The global SD-WAN solution offered by Aryaka allows enterprises to act with agility and take advantage of business trends at an almost real-time rate.

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