Babble Purchases Birmingham-based Arden Group

Babble doubles customer base and revenue with new acquisition

Babble Purchases Birmingham-based Arden Group

London-based cloud communications technology company, Babble Cloud Holdings, recently enhanced their portfolio by acquiring the Birmingham-based Arden Group. Babble purchased the Arden Group for an undisclosed sum to increase the strength of the IT managed services and mobile solutions that Babble can offer to its current market.

According to a press release about the recent purchase, the purchase of Arden Group will double Babble’s revenue to a value of approximately £20 million, while increasing their combined customer base to around 1,200.

Babble Builds a Strong Footprint

According to the Chief Executive of Babble, Matt Parker, the deal will be more like a “merger” than an acquisition, as the companies aim to combine their strengths in the months ahead. Parker also noted that Babble is thrilled to double the size of their business through a single acquisition. The Babble Cloud Holdings group has been packed by the private equity firm LDC since 2017, and this will be Babble’s second acquisition for 2018.

The Birmingham office for Arden Group will become the first location that Babble has owned outside of London, highlighting the organisation’s growing presence. According to Parker, the purchase allows Babble to significantly improve their product portfolio, develop a presence outside of London, and connect with a team of talented leaders and management experts.

A Great Fit for Babble and Arden Group

Arden Group has already built a significant presence among mid-market customers, which makes it a fantastic addition to Babble’s portfolio. According to Babble leaders, the deal will allow the company to strengthen it’s IT managed services and mobile offerings while improving the impact of its existing UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.

According to the former Managing Director and majority owner of Arden Group, Nigel Walker, the two companies fit together perfectly, thanks to an aligned set of company cultures, and complementary product portfolios. Nigel feels confident that after the acquisition is completed, Arden Group customers will continue to receive the standard of care and support they’ve always expected.

The investment director at LDC, the organisation responsible for backing Babble financially, said that the acquisition of Arden Group is a fantastic way for Babble to continue strengthening their core proposition. LDC believes that the purchase will expand Babble’s reach across the UK and help them to connect with a broader customer base. Since the LDC group partnered with Babble, they have been looking for new ways to encourage scale in an increasingly competitive communication market.

As Babble’s second acquisition in the year that Babble and LDC have been partners, the Arden Group acquisition is a positive move for the company and an insight into their ongoing growth strategy for the year ahead.


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