Centreon on Hunt for Partners as Part of UK Expansion

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne

IT resellers and MSPs in their sights

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Centreon on Hunt for Partners as Part of UK Expansion

Centreon is preparing to recruit IT resellers and MSPs as part of its expansion into the UK and Ireland – announced last week.

That is according to the newly instated UK & Ireland country manager at Centreon, Juan Lyall (pictured, above), who also revealed that the IT monitoring provider is also on track to announce a new global partner programme before the end of 2020.

Speaking to UC Today, Lyall said that the strategy for onboarding resellers and MSPs will be slightly different, opting for a quality over quantity approach for resellers and having a broader strategy for the MSPs.

“There’s a huge opportunity for Centreon in the UK, and a huge opportunity for UK partners, resellers and MSPs to take advantage of” said Lyall. “We’re driving a partner first strategy, we’re going to be recruiting resellers, and onboarding MSPs as well as creating a new global partner programme.

“Broadly speaking there are two strategies we are pursuing in the UK. The first is to capture and recruit what I would call traditional resellers who will buy and sell our software to their customers. That’s a great avenue for us to sell into the mid to large enterprise market which I’d say is our sweet spot. But we don’t want thousands of resellers because we become less valuable to them. We want to be able to offer them a little bit of uniqueness and be important to them.

“We want to go a little bit broader and attract a greater number of MSPs because we feel we have an excellent solution for them and they can add our product to deliver a fantastic solution to their customers. Managing SLAs, giving a 100% view of IT assets for the network, and having a granular and very informative view of what’s happening on the network is something that businesses want and we can deliver.”

Lyall added that the Centreon portfolio can help any resellers looking to increase their “stickiness” and that they will be looking to address a demand for IT monitoring services following a global survey that found that 89% of CIOs believe monitoring is a priority but only 27% felt their visibility is good or excellent.

“Some of those resellers we recruit will be looking at ways to diversify themselves so they might want to start looking at sort of managed services and ways to become sticky with their customers. They’ll be able to start selling network monitoring services into their customers as opposed to just selling them the software for example.

“Some really bizarre stats that came out of our recent survey of IT professionals was 27% feel that their visibility is good or excellent and 89% of respondents feel that IT monitoring was either a high or a top priority”

“Those two numbers don’t really fit and add that to 60%, on average, of company’s IT infrastructure is monitored and I’d ask how can you make crucial business decisions, IT decisions, project decisions, be that security, working from home initiatives, digital transformation or ensuring customer excellence, if you can only see a touch north of half of your IT estate?

Unsurprisingly, that report confirms the importance and the expected growing importance of IT monitoring for a great many organisations and I think the reason for that is clear, you can’t manage and you can’t legislate for things that you can’t see.”



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