Centreon Switch Updated Partner Programme ON

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UK&I Country Manager speaks to UC Today

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Centreon Switch Updated Partner Programme ON

Centreon has launched ‘ON’ it’s reinvented global partner programme, designed to give partners the tools to be “Always On.” 

The reignition of the programme follows Centreon’s recent expansion into the UK, with Centreon focusing on and investing in enabling their partners to seize on potential growth in the IT market, and the extensive need for services to support business-critical operations. 

Onboarding, technical and sales enablement and certification are available through the Centreon academy for partners via a new LMS (learning management system), and sales, marketing and services processes are managed through a PRM (partner relationship management) platform, allowing access to sales tools, technical training and market insights. 

Speaking to UC Today, Juan Lyall, UK and Ireland country manager, Centreon, said: “This is our global partner programme, so with this we are bringing a uniformity to what we are doing and what our strategy is globally. 

We’ve gone away from the traditional silver, gold, platinum structure as we’ve had a few of those over the years, and gone for something a bit more interesting which we will be rolling out month after month, quarter after quarter. 

We’re going to be adding onboarding sections and sales tracks, so there’s a real emphasis on learning, like a Centreon Academy for partners if you like, there’s going to be a real emphasis on learning, enablement and skills.  

There’s been a lot of that over the lockdown, people talked about working from home giving them the opportunity to train, an opportunity to get certification. We want to make that as easy as possible, as valuable as possible, so people can talk to a customer with a degree of confidence after going through a process to talk about IT monitoring, smart monitoring and customer experience.” 

Here to stay

Lyall went on to say that the UK expansion has been received well in the market, and the reimagined partner programme was key to the IT and Network monitoring provider’s success in the UK. 

“The overall feedback on the launch a few weeks ago was really positive and we’re making some strides” said Lyall.

“But what we’re really looking to do is to be here for the long term and the partners that we engage with should really know that”

We’re here to help them today find some opportunities, close deals and make some revenues and margins. There’s also really healthy margins in this partner programme as well and partners can be really well rewarded for finding and closing opportunities, but it’s not just about doing that today, it’s also about doing it long term so it can be a true long term partnership with them to grow.” 

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