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Published: February 17, 2021

Rebekah Carter - Writer

Rebekah Carter has tripled its annual recurring revenue for Q4 and added to its collection of market-leading clients.

The growth of the company was driven by new hires for the leadership team, strategic investment, and innovation – according to Jim Benton, CEO at

He said that 2020 changed the way that revenue companies operate. Sales teams had to shift to working remotely almost overnight, and conversational intelligence became more crucial than ever. stepped up its efforts to help its customers navigate the complex and changing sales environment with insights into the changing dynamics delivered by the pandemic.

A Period of Growth

The Chorus track record of delivering amazing solutions for AI continued throughout 2020, with a host of new solutions intended to support Revenue teams. Product enhancements included:

  • Partnership with the Zoom marketplace to support virtual meeting productivity
  • Momentum Insights to transform conversational intelligence by gathering valuable information in the CRM for deal visibility
  • Advanced outcome-based analysis offering revenue teams crucial insights into the health of relationships with customers
  • New API functionality and integrations for Slack and Zapier, bringing the power of conversational intelligence to people everywhere
  • Enhanced UI design to enhance performance and provide seamless customer experiences

According to the SVP of Sales at 6Sense, a customer of, the technology allowed them to fuel their success with a better understanding of the customer, improved ramp time, enhanced productivity, and more. Chorus meant that the company could quickly onboard reps and get useful insights into customer interactions.

Intelligent Business Insights

Gartner believes that 75 per cent of enterprises will begin operationalising AI by the close of 2024.’s deep investment in AI, which is supported by a huge portfolio in conversational intelligence, positions the company to make the most of growing adoption. In 2020, industry leaders like Coursera and DocuSign became Chorus customers, and the company is searching for new ways to increase its enterprise ecosystem.

Chorus also significantly expanded its team for go-to-market strategy in 2020, introducing Jim Benton as CEO, former CEO of Apollo, and Co-Founder of ClearSlide. Thiago Sa Freire also joined as a Chief Revenue Officer, and full-time employees increased by 40 per cent. was recently recognised on seven of the best software awards lists created by G2, and earned new recognition on five lists, too. Chorus also launched its Weekly Briefing at the beginning of the pandemic to provide data-driven insights into the trends impacting sales teams.



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