Cisco Launches New Webex Suite

Tom Wright

Webex Suite brings together collaboration tools with virtual events and Slido

Cisco Launches new Webex Suite

Cisco has launched a new Webex Suite that combines tools across meetings, calling, messaging, events and polling.

Webex Suite is tailor-made for hybrid working, Cisco claims, and pulls in technology from the acquisitions of Socio and Slido.

Chuck Robbins, CEO at Cisco, said: “Cisco’s collaboration business is incredibly essential to our customers.

“With all the integrations the team has added – 800 new features and devices since September – we truly have the most comprehensive meetings, calling, messaging, and event management solution on the market powering the future of hybrid work”

Cisco said that the new Webex Suite is the first to combine the five elements mentioned above, claiming the package will cost up to 40 per cent less than buying the components.

The vendor’s new events functionality will give users “complete events execution and management” of hybrid events, it added. The full capabilities of the platform will be available when the Socio acquisition completes.

Elsewhere, the Slido deal brings with it polling, quiz and Q&A functionality into Webex, while new speech enhancement will allow users to remove all sounds except from their own voice when in a meeting.


Cisco launches new Webex Suite


From a security perspective, real-time data loss prevention will be available in Webex messaging. This will prohibit users from posting classified content, rather than redacting or deleting the content after it is posted.

Jeetu Patel, General Manager of Cisco Security and Collaboration, said:

“To be successful in the era of hybrid work, organizations need to make sure their solutions are flexible, inclusive, supportive, secure, and easily managed on the backend by IT.

“The all-new Webex Suite ensures everyone in a hybrid workforce has equal opportunity and voice.”

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