Cisco Webex Partners with Journey to Reinforce Cybersecurity

Journey's identify platform is now available to all Webex Contact Centre customers on the Webex App Hub

Cisco Webex Partners with Journey to Reinforce CX Cybersecurity
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Published: September 28, 2023

Kieran Devlin

Cisco Webex has partnered with Journey to reinforce security for businesses that deploy Webex Contact Centre.

Cybersecurity software business Journey will collaborate with Webex to streamline the customer experience and improve security for businesses, with its integrated “Identity” platform becoming available to all Webex Contact Centre customers via the Webex App Hub.

Brett Shockley, Journey Co-Founder and CEO, commented:

Webex by Cisco puts such a strong focus on security and on customer experience. With the new Journey integration, Webex Contact Centre customers can elevate their security, privacy and compliance while also significantly enhancing customer experience.”

Journey’s identity network allows businesses to ensure that contact centre interactions across voice and digital channels are secure and straightforward. Among the features of Journey’s integrated identity platform are identity proofing, authentication, digital disclosures and secure transactions that can be leveraged by the sensors on a smartphone.

To prevent fraud and produce a seamless and quick customer experience, the data, inputs or images provided by the caller are encrypted and delivered via Journey’s Zero Knowledge Network.

Journey offers an extra layer of security with its proprietary encrypted identity network, which utilises digital inputs from a user’s smartphone, such as FaceID, phone camera images, and document e-signing. Voice and digital conversations between the Webex Contact Centre agent and the customer are processed through verified and encrypted connections.

Journey’s identity solutions are now available on the Webex App Hub for integration into Webex Contact Centre’s voice channel, IVR and agent desktop.

Cisco’s Momentous Security Acquisition

2023 has been a prominent year for Cisco’s investments in cybersecurity partnerships and solutions, with perhaps its most significant incident arriving last week when the vendor acquired the AI-driven cybersecurity and observability business Splunk.

The acquisition, valued at roughly $28 billion, complements Splunk’s track record of helping companies enhance their digital resilience and Cisco’s strategy of equipping its customers and partners with the most advanced levels of security for their business.

The collaboration also aims to leverage Cisco and SPlunk’s expertise in AI to produce next-gen solutions for businesses to become more secure and resilient.

“We’re excited to bring Cisco and Splunk together,” said Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO of Cisco. “Our combined capabilities will drive the next generation of AI-enabled security and observability. From threat detection and response to threat prediction and prevention, we will help make organisations of all sizes more secure and resilient.”

The acquisition addresses the importance of securely utilising and storing the vast volumes of data essential to businesses in 2023. Cisco and Splunk also cite the extra complexities of the “acceleration and adoption of generative AI, expanding threat surfaces, and multiple cloud environments” as developing a landscape different to anything businesses have previously faced.

Webex’s Summer of EU Approval

This summer, Webex received not one but two endorsements from European regulatory bodies for its data security and compliance measures.

Webex became the first UC and collaboration platform to achieve EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC) Level 3 adherence at the start of July.

Webex progressed through an independent third-party assessment and audit that verified all code controls. SCOPE Europe validated it, which is the EU Cloud CoC’s monitoring body. This double confirmation compliance affirmed trust in Webex’s approach to Level 3 adherence, illustrating the compliance and security of its cloud services.

Later in July, it was announced that Webex met EU data protection standards, according to the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS).

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) deployed Webex’s services to host hybrid hearings and meetings, culminating in a months-long investigation by the EDPS. On July 13, 2023, the EDPS confirmed its approval of Webex, making it the only videoconferencing platform to have received such an endorsement.

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