2600Hz & Vinix Blast Partner in Moving UC Forward

Joshua Felder

How 2600Hz’s premier platform KAZOO makes Vinix solutions possible

2600Hz & Vinix Blast Partner in Moving UC Forward

2600Hz was founded to be a free, open-source telecom platform for mass adoption and accessibility so users could build their own integrations. 2600Hz’s CPaaS platform, KAZOO, has emerged as a powerful method for service providers to benefit from their slate of capabilities. Vinix Global is one such provider that utilises KAZOO to provide specific verticalized features and applications that would otherwise be difficult to produce. As a result, Mark Diaz, CEO of Vinix Global, has brought Vinix Blast to market, as a customisable full-stack omni-channel communication solution built entirely on KAZOO. Says Diaz:

“2600Hz really focuses on providing the necessary functionality without forcing anyone into a box,”

“Telecom providers traditionally provided solutions with restrictions on how it could perform and how it could be tailored. If the customer didn’t like it then tough. A lot of solutions are still like that today for our customers who have had experiences on other platforms. 2600Hz has done an amazing job at providing ways to build UIs and UXs that are conducive to making flexibility not only possible but also easy to manage. This applies not just at the user level but also for engineers, APIs and all the levels that are important to us as a UCaaS. It really shines for us.”

KAZOO: The Foundation for Vinix’s Communication Needs

Mark Diaz

Mark Diaz

With KAZOO, Vinix is able to build a CPaaS matrix of almost anything imaginable from A2A chat, to standard endpoint and telephone systems. Some Vinix customers have their own internal CRMs but want to integrate their hardware and software seamlessly with a telephony stack. KAZOO’s API stack makes that configuration possible while using the client’s hosted solution which saves customers additional work in managing a personalised system.

“Vinix uses the same APIs that KAZOO offers, however, we also offer hybrid solutions and enhanced customer services,” Diaz elaborates. “A perfect example is one of our customers, Hair Club, which has been around for 30 years and is very well known throughout America. They made it clear to us that they were not interested in a strictly CPaaS API. They wanted a platform that could meet their needs and they wanted the flexibility to manage certain features to enhance their service the way they saw fit. What we built for them was a middle ground between a strictly hosted and strictly CPaaS solution. We were able to provide that because of the power and flexibility of KAZOO.”

The adoption of collaboration and chat utilities has been expedited due to COVID, but Vinix has been working towards improvements in the space since 2018. This focus was due to businesses identifying the need for UC tools but weren’t interested in managing multiple vendors. Having one provider for chat, another for phone and another for fax can be a headache to manage. Organisations want one trusted company to focus on how they conduct business and make money. As a result, Vinix adopted the Matrix Protocol and leveraged KAZOO and its API and communication stack to integrate all communications functions into one seamless application instead of integrating from various providers.

Vinix & KAZOO Enable Truly Custom Integration

One of Vinix’s larger customers is MD Now, with 70 clinic locations. One of the previous issues for the urgent care organisation was their adoption of Teams and the lack of support they received integrating it with their internal telephony solution. Vinix was there for them and supported them throughout the entire process to seamlessly meet their needs. “We provided them a demo of Blast, which is essentially a chat collaboration tool but does much more,” explains Diaz. It offers federation on an open protocol, which means in the future nobody is locked into a silo. They can connect bridges and integrations within the tool. A company can put their webchat on their website and connect directly to users in Blast, or create a dynamic call centre, even put chat messengers anywhere they choose and integrate connections from anywhere they choose, open to the public or not.”

Blast works so well with KAZOO because they both adhere to the same open standards as it relates to communication and flexibility which allows multiple channels to be incorporated in any way a company sees fit. Blast provides a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution. An API option is also available along with accessible development SDKs so organisations can build the solutions that meet their specific needs.

Diaz sums it up perfectly, “This is where I like to think that we shine. We have the old school mentality that we understand the vital importance of stable business communications while providing the new generation of technology that allows customers to create new and innovative solutions of their own. In the enterprise telephony market, you can’t have one or the other, you need both.”

“Sometimes customers know their pain points without knowing what they need to solve them. We focus on having conversations and building relationships to understand the business of our clients in order to offer solutions instead of products”


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