APIdays Amsterdam Founders Launch Apiology

Helping communications companies thrive with APIs

APIdays Amsterdam Founders Launch Apiology

Initially founded in 2012 by Mehdi Medjaoui, APIdays is now the world’s largest event series focusing exclusively on APIs and their potential in the technology landscape. The organisation ran 9 events worldwide in 2019, introducing companies to what they can do with the flexibility of APIs. Now, the organisers responsible for the APIdays Amsterdam events, White Rabbit, Ottspott, and APIdays Conferences have announced the formation of a new company, Apiology.

Apiology will help telcos, enterprises, CPaaS providers, and CSPs to collaborate, innovate, and accomplish exceptional things in the API economy. The announcement about the new business was made on-stage during the second edition of the Amsterdam APIdays event “The Rise of Contextual Communications.”

Introducing Apiology

Rob Kurver

Rob Kurver

APIdays Amsterdam was implemented into the global series of events in 2018, with a stronger focus on the use of CPaaS, programmable telecoms, and APIs in the communication industry. Because the first event was so well-received last year, the event was even bigger and better for 2019, attracting 500 visitors in 2 days.

The founding team for Apiology will now be taking the essence of APIdays and embedding it into a new offering. The founders combine their unique experiences and knowledge within the API economy, and their insights into the rise of contextual communications through programmable telecoms and CPaaS to deliver guidance. The joint venture allows the Apiology team to scale out and up with more international events that cover CPaaS, APIs, and programmable telecoms, as well as go-to-market support, business development and strategy consulting.

The managing partner of White Rabbit, Rob Kurver, the new CEO of Apiology noted that he believes that it’s important to “put people first again” in the age of wide-spread computing power and connectivity. Accessing incredible customer experiences and new business models is crucial, but it’s also essential to solve the real challenges of societies, by combining the strengths of various innovators into new ecosystems. Kurver believes that Apiology can “make a difference.”

Looking to the Future with Apiology

The Co-Founder and CEO of Ottspott, Luis Borges Quina, also acknowledged that today’s customers are demanding greater flexibility when it comes to building frictionless and appealing customer experiences. Some high-profile CPaaS providers are attempting to disrupt the traditional CSP and telco environment, with a lot of innovation happening in the communications industry. This delivers endless opportunities for companies willing to adapt.

Over the last 6 years, APIdays conferences have grown from a first meetup to a selection of 9 events spread across the globe, with the latest meeting in Paris pulling together 3,000 attendees. The founder of APIdays conferences, Mehdi Medjaoui, noted that this growth is essential for the business. Apiology empowers organisations to discover the true benefits of APIs, and scale their value outwards with new implementations, developer, marketing, and partner outreach.

APIdays is creating its new joint venture with Ottspott and White Rabbit to bring even more API opportunities to the telecom industry.


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