Avaya Zang CPaaS Review: Better CX

Exploring the Zang Experience

Avaya Zang CPaaS Review: Better CX

Today, around 79% of IT teams are investing in app developments for customers and partners. We’re moving beyond the era of one-size-fits-all communication and customer service. As today’s clients continue to expect more from the businesses that they engage with, organisations are increasingly embracing the DIY approach of “CPaaS” technology.

With Communication Platform as a Service solutions, companies can create the communication experiences they need in a 100% flexible cloud environment. Leading UC&C company Avaya created their CPaaS solution in the form of “Avaya Zang,” an intuitive platform with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality.

Through Zang, you can create the tools you need in a robust platform, integrate them into your existing applications, workflows, and communication strategy, and become more productive.

The Avaya Zang CPaaS Platform

Zang is a cloud-based CPaaS solution that comes with an integrated editor, where companies can customise and enhance their desired apps without accessing external software or servers. You don’t need background knowledge in code or programming. You can simply access and embed the systems that you need for better efficiency and customer experience.

What’s more, if you need help or inspiration to fuel your CPaaS experience, there’s a comprehensive Zang Help Centre available, where you can find demos, tutorials, documentation and all. What’s more, with the Zang Cloud, you only pay for what you use. Some of the APIs you can implement with Zang Cloud include:

  • Workflow tools
  • Messaging
  • Voice
  • Carrier Services
  • Phone numbers

Avaya Zang Workflow

The Avaya Zang Workflow tool is a simple and immersive graphical design system that allows any company to build communication tools and workflows from scratch. Simply sign up for a free Zang Cloud account and drag and drop communication actions into the design tool.

With Zang Workflow, you can implement features like:

  • Play and Collect
  • Play Voice Announcements
  • SMS/MMS/Email
  • Transcribe, Record, Make, Allow, Suspend and Drop calls
  • Conferencing
  • Arrow SI IoT Tasks
  • Automatic Speech Recognition

There’s no coding knowledge required, and the Zang Workflow experience comes with simple pricing so that you can keep your budget on track. Zang Workflow makes it easy to automate repetitive actions that take up valuable time within your organisation, improve workplace efficiency and even create DIY applications from scratch.

Avaya Zang Messaging

In a world where mobile and messaging is becoming increasingly popular, Avaya Zang Messaging allows you to access new interactions with customers. According to Avaya, today’s customers prefer text messaging over almost any other form of communication. The simple Zang interface makes it easy to automate your messaging conversations and ensures you can reach a broader range of customers around the world.

Features include:

  • MMS to support videos, images, and other text content
  • Reliable and scalable messaging to suit the needs of any business
  • Two-way SMS and automated messaging
  • Bulk-messaging with almost no upper limit
  • SMS-enable existing numbers
  • Free inbound messaging
  • Custom sender ID to support better brand relationships
  • Automatic long-test splitting
  • Insightful real-time delivery analytics
  • Robust REST API

Avaya customers use Zang Messaging for everything from click to SMS customer engagement, to two-factor authentication, IVR through SMS, and even polling and surveying customers.

Avaya Zang Voice

As valuable as messaging can be, there’s still power in voice within the business environment. Access a fully-functional phone system via Avaya’s CPaaS strategy and grow according to your individual needs. The Avaya Zang Cloud Voice solution can improve workplace efficiencies and enhance the way that you connect with your customers via voice. Features include:

  • Automatic speech recognition for better IVR navigation
  • SIP registration to join the cloud to your existing telephony infrastructure
  • Text to speech to convert written text into natural-sounding voices in 20 languages
  • Global phone number support across 40 countries
  • Conferencing with complete host control
  • Real-time analytics for every call, with tracking, billing and caller background information
  • Transcription with automatic, near real-time functionality
  • Voice effects to augment temp, pitch, bitrate and more
  • Interactive voice response
  • Split channel call recording for better voice analysis
  • Caller Identity management
  • Inbound call processing
  • Robust REST API

With Avaya Zang Voice, you can upgrade your IVR strategy, access important insights through call recording and transcription, and even unlock click to call functions within your mobile and web-based applications.

Avaya Zang Carrier Services

The Carrier Services functionality offered as part of the Zang Cloud CPaaS experience give businesses valuable insights into caller origin. This supports lead nurturing, analytics, and the optimisation of marketing campaigns. What’s more, it can also reduce the thread of toll fraud in the business environment.

With Avaya Zang Carrier services you can:

  • Ensure better compliance when it comes to dialling mobile numbers
  • Protect against fraud and spam by validating the origin of callers
  • Segment numbers by checking whether a device is mobile or not
  • Distribute leads based on caller profiles
  • Segment leads based on geographical location
  • Schedule messages and calls based on time of day
  • Train and support sales and marketing teams with extra customer information
  • Look up company names and customers for more personalised

Avaya Zang Phone Numbers

Finally, the Avaya Zang phone numbers features offered by Avaya allows companies to avoid the headaches involved with purchasing numbers from large telecommunications providers and carriers.

The Zang Cloud offers:

  • No provisioning: phone numbers are instantly provisioned as soon as you purchase them, with SMS and MMS enablement available
  • Global coverage for better interactions with customers in any environment, using a local identity
  • Use your existing numbers and infrastructure
  • Simple pricing to support easier budgeting, and toll-free support for numbers in more than 40 countries
  • Shared short-codes through the Zang cloud
  • Dedicated short codes for specific business purposes

What Makes Avaya Zang CPaaS Different?

Avaya’s cloud-based Zang solution for CPaaS supports better customer and employee experiences by allowing businesses to build the ideal communication environment. You can connect with customers in any market using global, and localised numbers, or engage with your followers via immersive messaging, with MMS solutions included.

If you need to build your own communication apps from scratch, it couldn’t be easier, thanks to Avaya Zang’s simple drag-and-drop interface. What’s more, the simple pricing structure means that you know you’re paying for only what you use, and nothing else.

What do you think of Avaya’s Zang CPaaS platform? Let us know in the comment section.


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