Bandwidth Review: The Carrier Grade CPaaS Platform

Voice, messaging and more

Bandwidth Review: The Carrier Grade CPaaS Platform

The rise of as-a-service solutions in the modern communications marketplace has created a new DIY approach for companies who want a next-gen connectivity stack. Today, you don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution from your favourite vendor. Instead, you can build the environment that’s right for you using APIs and SDKs that integrate seamlessly with your existing applications and processes.

Bandwidth is a CPaaS vendor and API platform that helps companies of all sizes access the benefits of easy-to-access phone, messaging, and even 9-1-1 management through a simple, scalable service. Currently, Bandwidth supports a host of big-name brands, including Dialpad, RingCentral, Skype, GoDaddy, Google, Zoom and more. Plus a host of enterprise companies that take everything from CPaaS to SIP trunking from their extensive portfolio of carrier grade services.

Bandwidth Features

Bandwidth is an API platform that provides companies with the freedom they need to build the solutions that are right for them. This might mean investing in high-quality voice, state-of-the-art messaging, or reliable 9-1-1 access.

The scalability of the Bandwidth platform means that they can offer their customers exceptional outcomes, including:

  • Responses to technical issues in less than an hour
  • 90% of outbound calls directly routed via one-hop connections
  • 52,000,000 phone numbers
  • Billions of messages and minutes managed each month

Bandwidth has a top-of-the-range carrier network, ideal for delivering crystal-clear calls, and they’re the only CPaaS provider that has its own nationwide IP voice network.

Bandwidth Voice Services

No matter what else you do in your business, it’s challenging to get by without the power of voice. Bandwidth gives companies an easy way to access the voice features that they need, with a simple API solution for crystal-clear and reliable audio. The Bandwidth voice APIs are backed by a competent and fully controlled network.

You can start building straight off the bat with the programmable voice API or connect your system directly to the secure IP voice network that Bandwidth offers via SIP. Whichever route you choose, you’ll get:

  • Nationwide network coverage
  • Purpose-built solutions for real-time communication
  • 52 million US phone numbers
  • Instant activation through web tools or API
  • Automated phone number ordering, porting and activation
  • In-house technical support, and high-level customer guidance

Bandwidth Messaging Services

As valuable as voice is, it’s also worth considering the other communication channels that customers rely on today. For instance, if you know that your customers are mainly mobile, then you can use Bandwidth’s Messaging APIs to send and receive pictures, audio, video, group texts and more. What better way to stay in touch with your target audience, than by finding an avenue straight to their pocket?

The Bandwidth Messaging service features:

  • Emoji and picture support
  • Long message support
  • Pin codes and notifications
  • Dependable delivery and global reach
  • Redundant network
  • Bi-directional Unicode

Bandwidth 9-1-1 Access

If your business relies on 9-1-1 access, then Bandwidth can help. The complete portfolio of Access services offered by Bandwidth makes building a robust 9-1-1 solution a breeze. Whether you decide to route based on dynamic location, coordinates, or physical address, Bandwidth will put your customers in touch with the right person quickly and easily.

Features include:

  • Nationwide 9-1-1 routing
  • Use your own numbers
  • Instant number provisioning
  • MSAG address validation
  • Mobile-ready routing
  • Fast emergency response

With the 9-1-1 services, you can use the API to build the solution directly into your products and existing workflow, and you can manage everything from a comprehensive console. 9-1-1 solutions can be baked straight into your number management processes.

Bandwidth Phone Numbers

Bandwidth even makes it easy to provision and use phone numbers too. The Bandwidth Phone Number dashboard simplifies working with large numbers of phone numbers at once – ideal for service providers and networks. With the dash, you can order new numbers, port numbers, and activate special features, all from a simple interface.

Features include:

  • Quick and simple number ordering
  • Bulk porting
  • Immediate number activation
  • Real-time port-out validation
  • Triggered and scheduled ports
  • Deep dive call records

Target Market & Regional Availability

Bandwidth supports some of the biggest service providers and vendors in the world, including Google, RingCentral and more, through their extensive cloud-based CPaaS solutions. Companies all over the globe can tap into the benefits of an API-driven solution for their communication, number managing, and connectivity strategy.

How to Buy & Pricing

Bandwidth is dedicated to providing transparent, easy-to-understand pricing for all of their services. For instance:

  • Phone numbers cost $0.35 per line per month
  • Inbound calling is $0.0055 per minute
  • Outbound calling is $0.01 per minute
  • Inbound messaging is free
  • Outbound messaging is $0.005 per message

You can find out more about the pricing for Bandwidth on the website, or by contacting the customer service team.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Bandwidth lets companies of all sizes discover the benefits of an API-driven CPaaS approach to communications. Whether you’re looking to quickly and easily provision phone numbers, you want to explore the opportunities of API voice, or you’re looking into Messaging, Bandwidth has something for everyone.

As well as an easy-to-use platform, Bandwidth also provides its customers with excellent end-to-end customer support and guidance. You can try the APIs for yourself at any time or talk to an expert to get a complete demonstration.

Q: How reliable is Bandwidth’s Carrier network?

A: The Bandwidth Carrier network is built with a focus on exceptional quality and scalability. Bandwidth strives to make investing in new communication strategies with their easy-to-use CPaaS solution, and high-quality voice and messaging APIs.

Q: Are there different ways to use the messaging service?

A: For Bandwidth messaging, you can choose between the SMS messaging API for SMS, MMS, and toll-free messaging that integrates seamlessly with your app, and an SMS messaging gateway.

Q: Can I get help with using APIs?

A: If you’re new to CPaaS, SDKs, and APIs, Bandwidth has teamed up with a range of superstars in the industry. The company offers a variety of webinars and training opportunities to get you started.



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