Brightlink Releases CPaaS 2.0 Platform

CPaaS update from Brightlink

Brightlink Releases CPaaS 2.0 Platform

Brightlink, a leading communications and technology company offering messaging, voice, and cloud-based solutions, recently announced the arrival of their upgraded CPaaS platform. The new and improved CPaaS 2.0 platform from Brightlink makes it easier than ever for companies to implement the benefits of advanced communications solutions into their customer engagement plans.

While prior functionality offered by the previous CPaaS platform is still available, such as support via the Brightlink Phonebook, there are several upgrades to the system too. Users can still acquire and activate phone numbers through the Phonebook and enable business messaging, however, they can also explore a range of new features and improved user experience.

Improving the CPaaS Solution


Rob Chen

The Brightlink CPaaS platform is equipped with a wide variety of APIs, coupled with state-of-the-art web user interfaces, from which companies have the opportunity to choose and activate countless numbers for immediate use. There’s also the opportunity to enable crucial features like business texting and support marketing, as well as customer engagement services.

According to the CEO of Brightlink, Rob Chen, the company remains “committed to enhancing” their strategies for CPaaS and the CPaaS platform. The updated CPaaS 2.0 platform is designed to take self-service to the next level, and support organisations in maintaining their competitive edge. The Brightlink CPaaS platform 2.0 helps companies to easily access and integrate their communications capabilities into their business processes within a matter of minutes. It also provides an enhanced user experience for enterprises.

What’s New for CPaaS 2.0?

The updated Brightlink CPaaS 2.0 platform includes the release of four major updates:

  • API Command Centre – an environment that offers state-of-the-art API access and a range of supportive resources such as reference documents
  • SIP API manager – a solution to enable the management and activation of SIP trunks via API solutions from Brightlink
  • Messaging API manager – a service that provides access to the complete range of Brightlink APIs for managing and enabling SMS and MMS on all numbers, including landlines
  • Voice API manager – a solution which allows for the easing porting and provisioning of numbers, as well as call forwarding, Caller ID registration, search for vanity numbers, and more

Today, 64% of customer is likely to see companies positively if they’re able to communicate with them via text. Additionally, another 75% of millennials say that they would prefer to communicate via text about things like deliveries and appointments.

According to Chen, companies that haven’t already enabled business numbers for texting could be missing a critical component of a true omni-channel experience.


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