CPaaS vs UCaaS: Understanding the Difference

Which is Right for you: CPaaS or UCaaS?

CPaaS vs UCaaS: Understanding the Difference

With the right communications solution, businesses can achieve almost anything. However, as solutions within the UC industry become more complicated and technologically-driven, it can be difficult to determine which is the right solution for your enterprise. For instance, are you best served by a CPaaS, or UCaaS solution? For some new businesses, these two terms are confusing, and difficult to differentiate, but various experts are now pushing the CPaaS concept, and the offers it has to deliver to the landscape.

UCaaS, or Unified Communications as a Service, are products which outline a term that is often used for cloud hosted unified communications, which is typically offered on a price per seat per month a basis. UCaaS systems can be rapidly deployed because they are ready to go solutions based in the cloud.

However, as services turn into platform-based solutions, CPaaS becomes more of an acceptable name. Communications APIs, or CPaaS solutions are a cloud-based layer for applications that allows software developers to simply and quickly integrate their texting, calling, and other communication functions using API applications and programming solutions.

Therefore the main difference is that UCaaS platforms are ‘ready to go’ and CPaaS platforms require your software developer (coders) to get down in the code and develop what you require.

What is CPaaS?

The easiest way to define CPaaS is as a completely software-driven and cloud-based solution for application developers and product owners who need to make the most of today’s mobile and digital features without the need to locate or build any physical network infrastructure. Communications APIs eliminate the need for users to communicate with channel-based solutions for web conferencing, instant messaging and voice calling.

A standard CPaaS offering might consist of REST APIs, sample code, developer support, forums and documentation that allow developers to incorporate communication-based features directly into any application. Some companies even provide software development kits and other services for developing applications across a range of mobile and desktop platforms.

What can be Built with a Cloud Communications API?

With a CPaaS communications API, it’s possible to:

  • Allow for high-quality call conferencing or video chatting
  • Provide web-based chat through an application
  • Implement two-fact authentication through SMS for higher security
  • Provide call analytics and lead tracking solutions
  • Launch group texts and calls
  • Translate speech to text for quick data entry or immediate email response
  • Request emergency help instantly
  • Click-to-call or send a message from an application
  • Notify users of crucial appointments or updates via SMS

Is CPaaS Right for you?

In simple terms, CPaaS providers abstract the majority of the work that comes with dealing with servers and gives client an environment in which all of the technology is taken care of, so businesses can focus on scalability and the development of their product or service from an application-based level.

As with many cloud services, CPaaS is built atop virtualisation solutions, and businesses can requisition resources as they require them in the industry, simply scaling up or down as demand grows or shrinks – rather than investing in various forms of hardware with potentially redundant resources.

CPaaS Providers / Vendors List (UK)

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  • AvatarRob Scott 02:11, 28 Nov 2017

    Hi Stephen

    I’ve added the following paragraph, does this help to tell the difference?

    ‘Therefore the main difference is that UCaaS platforms are ‘ready to go’ and CPaaS platforms require your software developer (coders) to get down in the code and develop what you require.’

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This article did NOT explain the differences as the headline indicated it would!

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