MessageBird CPaaS Review: Simplicity in APIs

Simplifying customer communication

MessageBird CPaaS Review: Simplicity in APIs

We’re living in an era where it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to deliver the communication strategies that their consumers are looking for. Today’s businesses need to be ready to scale, adapt and adjust to the kinds of discussions that their clients are looking for, regardless of whether that means interacting via SMS, voice, or video.

CPaaS is one of the easiest ways for modern organisations to grow and transform their communication strategy according to the needs of their target audience. The MessageBird CPaaS platform is one of the solutions available for CPaaS development. Through MessageBird, companies can unlock a single API environment for customer service, notifications, two-factor authentication and more.

The MessageBird CPaaS Platform

Since its launch in 2011, MessageBird has been a contender in the CPaaS environment, helping to connect companies to their customers in billions of different devices. There are over 15,000 global organisations relying on the chat, voice, and SMS APIs offered by MessageBird. Opportunities include:

  • Programmable SMS with global carrier network
  • Programmable Voice on fault-tolerant VoIP platform
  • Programmable conversations available through a single API
  • Flow builder for visual development without complex coding

MessageBird Programmable SMS API

MessageBird LogoOne of the most important ways for businesses to upgrade their communication strategy today is through messaging. With text messaging and SMS, you can reach your clients wherever they are, by pinging valuable content into their pocket. Programmable SMS from MessageBird provides the opportunity to receive and send messages across the globe with an API that’s relied upon by over 400,000 developers worldwide. Deliveroo, Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp and more all use the MessageBird framework. Features include:

  • MessageBird unique carrier infrastructure
  • Phone numbers available across 70+ countries
  • Resilient REST API
  • Extensive documentation
  • Multi-language SDK
  • QuickStart Guide
  • Free credits for testing
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Content management support
  • Intelligent routing
  • Two-factor authentication

MessageBird Voice API

As the power of messaging continues to rise, it’s important for organisations not to lose sight of the value that voice continues to bring. MessageBird also offers CPaaS solutions that provide companies with easy access to reliable, fast, and secure Voice applications. With MessageBird, you can experience the next level of Voice, through strong and stable connections offered by the company’s unique direct-to-carrier access support.

Features include:

  • Global points of presence
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Call from anywhere with local ID
  • Call flow management with IVR
  • Virtual numbers
  • Scalable SIP trunking
  • Tested routes
  • Instant call setup
  • Decentralised call centres
  • Masked numbers
  • Text to Speech
  • Custom hold music

MessageBird also offers solutions like answering machine detection, inbound voice recording, transcription and reporting for more in-depth voice analytics.

MessageBird Programmable Conversations API

The Programmable conversations APIs connects multiple channels on a single seamless channel, for complete end-to-end communication management. With MessageBird, companies can chat with a multitude of customers in a separate discussion that threads multiple communication channels together. You can also create rich contextual profiles for each customer to help enhance the client experience. The Programmable Conversations API includes access to everything from SMS, to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, and more.

In the months to come, MessageBird also plans to continue adding in new channels, such as voice, video, email, RCS, Slack, Amazon Alexa and many more. Features include:

  • Omni-channel customer conversations
  • Complete customer profile for contextual conversations
  • Unified conversation threads that connect discussions across every platform
  • Channel fallback features (coming soon)
  • Voice call support for better context (coming soon)
  • Automated follow-ups for leads in your sales funnel (Coming soon)
  • Build your own channel for solutions that MessageBird doesn’t support yet (coming soon)

The programmable conversations APIs gives enterprise agents the ability to reach out to customers wherever they prefer using a single customer profile, and a connected conversation. With one API, you can connect the entire lead conversation across multiple channels, adding more context to your customer experience strategy.

MessageBird Flow Builder

To make accessing all of the API solutions available from MessageBird even easier, the company has also developed their “Flow Builder.” Currently, in Beta, the system gives organisations access to all the SMS and voice strategies that they need, without the requirement for exhausting coding.

All of the flows available through the MessageBird Flow builder are intuitive and easy-to-use thanks to a visual drag-and-drop editor. You can implement multiple new numbers your communication strategy and build “Flows” in minutes with pre-built templates for SMS and voice. Alongside the ability to develop your own Flow, there are some popular pre-existing options including:

  • SMS to email
  • Call forwarding
  • IVR phone menus
  • Text to speech
  • SMS to HTTP
  • Opt-in and opt-out

If you need any extra help getting started or making the most out of your Flow systems, MessageBird offers 24/7 support from offices around the world.

What Makes MessageBird CPaaS Different?

MessageBird is all about bringing simplicity to the communication and CPaaS environment. Designed to give you an easier way to access the communications strategies that you need, MessageBird is trusted by thousands of companies around the world thanks to its extensive API documentation, intuitive tutorials, and popular language libraries. With CPaaS from MessageBird, you can talk to your customers in their prepared environments, with scalable APIs, as well as solutions that require no coding whatsoever.

Additionally, because MessageBird has access to a unique direct-to-carrier network, you can enjoy excellent reliability, speed, and security for your strategy. All that, and the MessageBird CPaaS platform also comes with global number coverage across 700 area codes, worldwide excellent delivery rates, and excellent high-level compliance. There’s even support for companies that need to contend with GDPR.

Combined with world-class 24/7 support and a security-first network, MessageBird gives businesses an access route into the world of CPaaS. What’s more, the pricing strategy works in such a way that your costs get lower, the more your business grows. You pay for what you use and benefit from additional discounts when your organisation scales.

Have you tried the MessageBird CPaaS platform yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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