Mitel Summit CPaaS System: Powerful Comms

True CPaaS delivered by Mitel

Mitel Summit CPaaS System: Powerful Comms

The communication environment has entered the age of “DIY” performance. Now that organisations and customers alike need more agility and flexibility from their solutions, the one-size-fits-all model is outdated. Companies want customisation, accessibility, and endless opportunities for experimentation. The era of CPaaS is officially here.

Through CPaaS solutions, businesses can unlock endless opportunities within their communication stack. Rather than having to rip and replace a strategy every time new technology emerges, they can simply implement the things they need into their existing system. The Mitel Summit CPaaS solution embraces this creative new business strategy by helping ventures of any size or background to create applications in an instant. Mitel handles all the maintenance and infrastructure so that you can build the transformative tech for your organisation.

 The Mitel Summit CPaaS Platform

mitel logoLeaders in the communication industry, Mitel have a history of providing state-of-the-art UC solutions to companies from a range of backgrounds. Mitel brings 45 years of innovation and experience into the creation of their CPaaS “Summit” solution, which claims to go beyond APIs to deliver everything a business needs to grow.

With full access to the Mitel programming language, you can build whatever you need, and enjoy a fully-hosted experience for less back-end complexity. The Summit experience uses API-based communications applications to transform and develop your preferred apps in a simple environment. There’s also the option to work with Mitel’s advanced network of partners on applications that cover things like:

  • Call processing: Add telephony functionality to your apps so that you can accept and place calls directly
  • Text messaging: Send SMS reminders, notifications, wait times, confirmations and more to clients and employees
  • Customer support: Give users the option to contact your customer support team through your app for a more seamless end-to-end experience
  • Account information: Provide account information such as due dates and statements that allow customers to pay bills stress-free
  • Marketing: Easily alert users of new marketing promotions and gain feedback with polls and surveys
  • System alerts: Mitigate risk and stay proactive with system outages, fraud alerts, and notifications

Mitel Summit SMS API

As businesses strive to take advantage of the growing demand for mobile communications, Mitel Summit’s SMS API can place you in your customer’s pocket. With the easy-to-use platform, you can create convenient user experiences with SMS. Accessing Summit’s powerful range of developer tools make it easy to integrate, build, and begin sending messages from mobile or website apps in minutes.

You can use the Mitel Summit developer toolkit to add text messaging into any application or system with ease. Features include:

  • Custom notifications, reminders, status updates, wait times and more
  • Marketing solutions to provide subscribers with promotions
  • System alerts for emergencies, fraud detection, system outages and more
  • Staff rostering with shift reminders, open shift broadcasts, and employee availability confirmations.
  • Polls and surveys to collect customer and user feedback
  • Two-factor authentication for security

Users can also include callback URLs in text messages so that customers can quickly and easily get in touch after a message is sent. Additionally, Two-way response ensures that users can engage with each other easily, ideal for customer services, scheduling and more. If you don’t have the expertise to develop an app yourself, the Mitel Summit Solution Partner Network can help with access to instant development skills.

Mitel Summit Voice API

Voice still plays a critical part in business conversations. With Mitel Summit’s Voice API, you can power up your existing applications with voice solutions built specifically for businesses. Summit allows users to place and accept calls directly from existing software or application systems. Additionally, there are options to automate everything from call scheduling to data processing. Features include:

  • Account management with access to payment processing and custom IVRs
  • Location Lookup
  • Surveys and polls
  • Personalised call routing for enhanced customer experience
  • Call scheduling and time-of-day routing
  • Multi-lingual text to speech
  • DID management
  • International footprint with DID availability in 59 countries and toll-free number availability in 113 countries
  • Confirmations and notifications sent via voice
  • Payment processing

Mitel’s extensive history in the voice landscape pays off in their Mitel Summit Voice API. Every component of the Summit architecture was designed specifically for better audio experiences. The CPaaS structure brings call processes and app logic as close together as possible to reduce latency. What’s more, the cloud architecture is designed for instant scalability, with support for thousands of calls. Everything is supported on Mitel’s carrier-class network too. Mitel works with tier 1 carriers across the globe to host apps on the most reliable industry-leading equipment.

What Makes Mitel Summit CPaaS Different?

Mitel Summit gives companies access to powerful communications solutions without the need for excessive coding and configuration. The system gives you all the tools you need to successfully deploy and write apps in a matter of minutes. There’s also the option to get involved with the Mitel Summit partners for extra help.

Adding rich voice and messaging features to your applications has never been easier. Mitel’s Summit solution is built differently to many API platforms. It allows companies to host their applications on a carrier-class network that’s built explicitly for real-time communications and easy scalability. Summit customers can rely on Mitel-grade quality, and they don’t have to buy infrastructure to keep their apps up and running. It’s a fast and secure way to get applications up and running, with technologies like Docker and Cassandra at the foundations. What’s more, while Mitel makes CPaaS easy, it still gives developers complete control. Through code-level access to your applications, you can support anything from multi-system integrations to complex logic environments.


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