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Out Loud: Consumer Demands Lead CPaaS Innovation

As part of our focus on CPaaS we speak to Twilio to discuss the next realm of developments

Out Loud: Consumer Demands Lead CPaaS Innovation

Patrick is joined by special guest Ben Stein, who is a Senior Director of Product Management at Twilio.

Firstly Ben explains the basic premise of CPaaS platforms. Enabling the fundamental principle of communication through a variety of potential mediums is the key goal. Utilising and uniting different communication methods such as voice, video and chat is one of the benefits that CPaaS can offer.

“The role of a CPaaS platform is to enable companies and developers to communicate with their audience, whether it is their consumers or their employees. Our view is that a broad set of communication protocols or channels are critical to enable businesses and developers to reach their consumers and customers where they are.”

The rate of change and innovation within the CPaaS space has been led by demand for different communication methods from consumer markets. As consumers adopt new communication methods the demand for businesses and developers to be able to utilise these as part of their own CX strategies increases and is reflected in CPaaS development.

“Consumers always get there first. Then it is up to the businesses to say do we have a strategy here, can we technically make this happen? – CPaaS enables developers to innovate, to test and iterate quickly to see what fits in their communication strategy.”

Ben also recognises the tough decisions that businesses have to make when evaluating the next generation of communication developments. Is a specific platform the next crucial means of communication or will it become a fad that businesses should overlook in favour of other developments?

Benjamin Stein, Twilio

Benjamin Stein, Twilio

Patrick then asks Ben about the areas of emerging technology that will be impacting CPaaS development in the future. Ben looks at artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and tells Patrick that is vitally important for businesses to be able to easily understand the use cases for these technologies before being expected to deploy them into communication platforms.

Finally Ben tells Patrick about the general importance of CPaaS. Ben believes that CPaaS will be critical in the future and offer businesses and developers the best method for innovating and improving their communication strategies.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and expert guest Ben Stein.

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AvatarRob Scott 10:30, 04 Feb 2019

Great podcast, really enjoyed listening to Twilio as usual. Great company with lots to talk about.

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