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Out Loud: Nowhere is Safe from Twilio’s Disruptive Approach

Customer Contact Week 2018 was the stage for all of the main cloud vendors and in this episode we spoke to Twilio about the show

Out Loud: Nowhere is Safe from Twilio’s Disruptive Approach

Patrick was joined at the event by Al Cook who is Director of Product Management and Engineering at Twilio.

Al Cook Out Loud, Twilio

Al Cook, Twilio

Al first of all gives Patrick and update on how the show has gone for Twilio. The main product on show is their contact centre platform Twilio Flex. Al describes how Twilio developed Flex from the ground up with the intention of it being as malleable as possible for their customers. Focused at the enterprise market Flex is not generally available yet as it is still in the testing phase with selected customers.

CCW18 also matches the ethos of Twilio Flex as it reflects the focus on customer experience.

“If customers are thinking how do we create the best CX – the typical answer from vendors has been here is our solution, do you like it? Take it or leave it – That doesn’t work.”

The founding principles of Twilio in terms of flexibility and enabling rapid development are particularly suited for customer facing systems. Also Al explains how important Flex is for their partners forming the basis for CCaaS offerings across the industry.

Flex is different model to some of the other Twilio platforms. It does not require a development unless there are customisation features that customers desire.

“You can deploy Flex out of the box with no code required, not a single line of code. Out of the box it will give you an agent user interface that supports voice, video, screen sharing, co-browsing, text messaging, picture messaging, fax messaging, email, Facebook, Twitter and many other channels of communication – but if you want to change something you can change things down to the very kernel “

Patrick then asks Al about the interest that they have had in Flex. Al explains that organisations looking to transform their CX provision have found them to discuss how Flex can help them.

“Every time anything in Twilio gets better, Flex gets better because of the way we have built it.”

Finally Patrick asks Al the tough question about the future and what it will hold for the industry. Al evaluates the emerging technologies but also eludes to potential new markets for Twilio and explains that their approach applies to any are of enterprise software.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Al Cook.

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