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Out Loud: UCaaS, CPaaS and the Age of Agility with Ribbon

We hear from Ribbon and examine UCaaS and CPaaS and their properties that can allow business to move into the age of agility

Out Loud: UCaaS, CPaaS and the Age of Agility with Ribbon

Patrick is joined by special guest Greg Zweig who is Director of Solutions Marketing at Ribbon Communications.

Out Loud Greg Zweig

Greg Zweig, Ribbon Communications

Greg starts by explaining how UCaaS platforms have changed the landscape from the traditional model that existed with on-premise communication systems. The historical challenge was that the systems were costly and the investment had to be leveraged over a set term, even if new more innovative products and features became available during that time.

Also Greg explains that the traditional costs associated with managing and running the systems were also detrimental to a standard business functions and processes.

“Fundamentally most business don’t want to be in the business of running their communication solutions. They also in many cases don’t want to own something they assume will become obsolete, in some cases sooner rather than later.


Greg delves into the history and development of the UCaaS market, which effectively has only been maturing for a few years. Greg estimates that it may take another 20 years for cloud platforms to become the dominant force in the market.

“Look at the age of the PBX equipment that people are operating and you’ll realise much of it is 10-15 years old. So why do we suddenly think that all of those people will suddenly migrate in a day. It simply doesn’t work that way”

Greg also looks into some of the reasons behind this. Firstly the infrastructure limitations that were present previously in terms of slow connectivity provision.

Kandy is Ribbon‘s primary business solution which encompasses both UCaaS and CPaaS and Greg explains more about the different variants it includes and some of the features available.

“It really does change the game in terms of your ability to connect communications in a business workflow.”

Finally Greg gives Patrick some examples of enhancements that are now enabled that would have been very impractical to enable using the more traditional systems. He also takes Patrick through the latest updates in their UC client, Smart Office.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Greg Zweig.

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