Introducing the new ShoreTel Partner Program for Summit

Summit ShoreTel Partner Program is for CPaaS developers

Introducing the new ShoreTel Partner Program for Summit

A leading provider of communication services, ShoreTel recently announced the development of their new partner program for developers and businesses who build SMS and Voice solutions through the ShoreTel Summit platform.

ShoreTel Summit is a true Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solution for building custom voice and SMS apps. It’s all about APIs for developers that enable organisations to innovate and think outside the box when it comes to business processes and communications.

The “Summit Partner Program” will provide resources such as development support, certification training, and co-marketing that enable partners to reduce their time to market. Additionally, partners will benefit from profiles within the ShoreTel online TechConnect marketplace, which increases their visibility to existing ShoreTel customers.

According to CMO of ShoreTel, Mark Roberts, the Summit Partner Program represents a natural progression of “TechConnect” the system that makes it easier for businesses to integrate ShoreTel products into their service solutions, while giving customers the flexibility they need to address their unique requirements. The Partner Program will also allow ShoreTel to engage with a new range of partners, and introduce their existing community to a wider range of revenue potential.

The ShoreTel Summit Partner Program

The new program will support three types of partners: Module, Application, and Solution. Solution partners can use Summit to develop customised SMS or voice applications, or integrate new communication solutions into existing environments. Already, many longtime channel partners with ShoreTel have expanded their business to become Summit partners, including Palitto consulting services, Converged Technology Professionals, and LANtelligence.

According to the president of business development for Converged Technology Professionals, becoming a Summit solution partner has enabled them to transform the way they interact with clients. Now, they can use client data and Summit services to deliver real-time solutions like credit card transaction processing or self-help automation. They feel that Summit has allowed them to meet with client needs in a new and improved way.

Summit Application partners are often SaaS or independent software vendors that provide market-ready apps built through Summit or designed to power communication capabilities through the Summit “True Communications” platform. Alternatively, Summit Module partners design programming components that other developers can access to enhance their Summit offerings. Companies like Next Caller and VoiceBase have recently joined as module partners.

For instance, Next Caller have designed a module that allows developers to extend Summit voice applications using advanced capabilities for caller ID. According to Next Caller’s Vice President of Enterprise sales calls, Jeff Kirchick, becoming a Summit module partner has allowed the company to improve support and sales processes with reliable call data. The library they’ve produced for Summit helps developers to improve their current voice apps using real-time data, so that contact centre agents and sales teams can engage more meaningfully with customers and prospects.

Services and apps designed by Summit Partners are now available within the TechConnect marketplace, and ShoreTel is in the process of accepting applications from a range of different Summit partners. Those interested in learning more about the Summit Partner Program can check out the details behind the service here.

About ShoreTel

ShoreTel is a worldwide solution for businesses in search of simple and effective communication solutions. From business phone services to contact centre solutions and unified communications, ShoreTel offers a versatile and flexible portfolio for companies seeking to drive innovation and productivity. Their solutions are offered in hybrid, on-site, or cloud formats.


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