Soprano Introduces Whole of Government CPaaS

New Government CPaaS solution from Soprano Design

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Soprano Introduces Whole of Government CPaaS

CPaaS provider Soprano Design has launched a “whole of government” communication solution designed to meet the unique needs of government environments.

The offering supports complex government messaging requirements and is capable of spanning across multiple agencies and platforms at once.

The hosted platform will be available in March in Australia, with launches in other countries set to follow later this year.

The offering means that governments can consolidate government-to-citizen services into a single platform for communication.

Bringing Government Departments Together

According to CEO and Chairman of Soprano, Dr. Richard Favero, governments competing for citizen trust and attention need to combine siloed departments through a stronger communication strategy. The more connected government sectors are, the easier it will be for groups to engage their community. The government CPaaS solution built by Soprano aims to be the “next frontier” in developing citizen trust.

Favero says that all citizens want to be more connected with our government, and we all want these groups to be able to deliver information to us in the best way possible. Enterprises have already discovered that mobile messaging can offer a great way to build trust, and Soprano is now helping governments to make the transition too. Features include:

  • Australian digital marketplace access: Allowing organisations to start building sophisticated communication strategies instantly
  • Capabilities designed to support the entire government body, or individual departments depending on needs.
  • Expertly secured and equipped for local hosting for each corresponding government
  • Vast menu of internal communication and department management applications, including IP messaging with secure encryption

Soprano notes that the last year has made governments around the world acutely aware of how important good communication is during an emergency scenario. The shift to accelerated digital transformation in the sector has led governments to assess new channels for citizen connections, such as SMS, WhatsApp, and email.

Enabling Better Conversations

Already a leader in government communication services worldwide, Soprano is well positioned to bring this unique offering to the market. The company’s expansive services include integrations with applications commonly present in tax, voting, and other environments. Soprano can activate specific government services based on the needs of the region.

The Soprano omnichannel enterprise mobile messaging platform assists agencies across the globe, giving them access to various solutions for transforming the way they interact with consumers through all departments, including public health, transportation, finance, security, and education.

Soprano’s platform also adheres requirements, to deliver an exceptionally reliable and secure mobile offering as part of a proactive security solution. This IT offering is designed specifically to reduce the risks and costs associated with common service disruptions.


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