Vonage Delivers Advanced Healthcare Solutions with Nexmo

New enterprise service plan from Nexmo

Vonage Healthcare

Published: April 25, 2019

Rebekah Carter - Writer

Rebekah Carter

World-renowned cloud communications leader Vonage recently launched a new Enterprise Service package for the Healthcare industry. The solution, delivered through the Nexmo platform for Vonage APIs, is designed to support healthcare companies with APIs that adhere to the strictest healthcare guidelines. This new addition to the global Enterprise Plan for Nexmo will provide healthcare businesses with consultative and developmental support. There will also be SLAs available to create custom solutions for secure and compliant patient care.

Healthcare experts around the globe currently rely on Vonage’s Nexmo technology to connect with patients through real-time voice, SMS and video. The APIs available integrate with the tools that healthcare professionals use every day, along with specialist services. These tools include Nexmo’s Verify API for two-factor authentication and the OpenTok Live Video API. The Live Video API provides telehealth solutions via a HIPAA complaint real-time video platform.

Launching Nexmo’s New Enterprise Plan

According to the Senior Vice President of Sales for Nexmo, Eric Le Guiniec, the introduction of the Nexmo Enterprise plan for the healthcare market will enable the company to provide enterprise-level cloud solutions for customers, while reducing the pain points typically associated with healthcare undertakings.

SVP Eric Le Guiniec said that the tools available will help providers to navigate the complicated data and security management guidelines in place with HIPAA and ensure that Nexmo can access enterprise-grade support and service solutions to meet the demands of today’s providers.

As the world grows increasingly digital, healthcare providers are turning to the emerging technologies in the marketplace to deliver connected and contextual experiences to patients and clients. Gartner even suggests that 60% of healthcare customers will have control over their health data by 2023.

Powerful Communication for Healthcare Companies

The flexibility and agility of the Nexmo APIs will allow healthcare professionals to access robust communication solutions and add them to their existing applications. This will transform the way that healthcare groups connect with patients via chat, SMS, voice, and video.

Nexmo’s healthcare-focused Enterprise Service Package will enable a broad range of use cases for healthcare professionals, including patient and doctor virtual health, mental health consultations, group support and therapy, pre-op remote visits, and expert medical collaborations.

According to the Founder and CEO of a Vonage Customer, Pulsara, James Woodson, healthcare companies today need to be able to connect the right care team to the right person dynamically. Incorporating Nexmo’s HIPAA-compliant real-time tools give users more options to communicate in the healthcare environment.

What’s more, strategic partners in the collaborative Nexmo partner program will be able to leverage the Enterprise Plan to develop better solutions for their own healthcare provider consumers. One partner of Nexmo Connect, WebRTC Ventures, stated that the API solution is allowing them to give healthcare professionals deeper and more meaningful conversations with customers. The open nature of solutions like the OpenTok Live Video API allows for the development of custom video applications that unlock new telehealth opportunities for customers.



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