Vonage Nexmo on MuleSoft now Integrates with WhatsApp Business Solution

Vonage upgrades engagement for MuleSoft Anypoint platform

Vonage Nexmo on MuleSoft now Integrates with WhatsApp Business Solution

Innovators in the world of business communications, Vonage, have announced that their Nexmo Communications API Connector on the MuleSoft Anypoint platform can now integrate with the WhatsApp Business solution. The new integration will allow MuleSoft customers to access the WhatsApp Business service to improve customer engagement and drive next-level communications. The simplicity of Nexmo’s API-based strategy for integrating WhatsApp Business into company workflows will help MuleSoft business customers to eliminate the complexity and cost of ongoing maintenance.

Vonage has a strong reputation in the communications market, thanks to their ability to implement the latest technologies and discoveries into their state-of-the-art platform. The new Nexmo integration with WhatsApp Business will ensure that MuleSoft users can communicate with their customers in a more immersive and engaging format.

Driving Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Thanks to the WhatsApp Business integration, MuleSoft users will be able to upgrade the conversations they have with their customers, driving higher customer loyalty, and providing clients with the information they need both privately, and quickly. Through Nexmo APIs, organisations can integrate their WhatsApp Business solution with existing platforms in their network, such as the Salesforce Service cloud. This should allow companies to provide customers with everything from timely delivery notifications to information about financial transactions.

According to the SVP of Global Sales for Nexmo, Eric Le Guiniec, ever since Nexmo was announced as a WhatsApp Business solution provider, Vonage has seen significant demand for their new channel across multiple industries. Vonage is thrilled that their innovative APIs are allowing MuleSoft Anypoint Platform customers to access a brand-new communication solution that enhances and improves customer experience (CX) in a variety of ways.

Customers can use the integration of Nexmo APIs within the WhatsApp Business solution to maintain and improve their relationships with customers worldwide. Already, various MuleSoft clients have begun to see the benefits of the integration for themselves.

Taking Business Communications to the Next Level

The MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is a popular application network platform allowing businesses to create applications that can connect data, devices, and apps through an API environment. One MuleSoft Systems integrator and partner, Visual Integrator Consulting, announced in a press release that they have already added WhatsApp Business Solutions into their stack.

The Visual Integrator company is based in the US, but many of their customers are found in Latin America. WhatsApp has quickly emerged as the brand’s most popular platform for customer engagement in that area, and the ability to access WhatsApp Business through Nexmo and MuleSoft has given Visual Integrator a new way to delight customers.


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