Introducing the Vonage Nexmo Platform: APIs to Grow Your Business

An insight into what you can do with Vonage Nexmo

Introducing the Vonage Nexmo Platform: APIs to Grow Your Business

The API platform from Vonage, “Nexmo” is the communication company’s strategy for providing companies with the flexible communication stack strategy they need. Vonage believes that every business in the modern world needs to embrace the potential of software or risk disruption. The Vonage API platform makes it easier for companies to construct the unique customisation experiences they need based on the requests of their customers.

Nexmo develops and markets APIs, or “application programming interfaces” from Vonage, that businesses can use to access everything from voice functionality to instant messaging. The Nexmo platform for developers even ensures that tech-savvy companies can construct and launch their own powerful communication services from scratch.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the Nexmo platform.

The Features of the Nexmo Platform

With Nexmo, Vonage hopes to break down the barriers to entry in the unified communication world, so that companies can reach global audiences through a range of contact strategies. Since 2010, Vonage has delivered Nexmo to more than 100 vendors around the world, across 45 nationalities.

Nexmo delivers powerful communication functionality to applications so that businesses can exponentially increase their speed to market and build outstanding prototypes in days. With the Nexmo Platform, developers get:

  • Unlimited US voice support and outbound calls in the US
  • Unlimited inbound usage with Vonage numbers
  • Carrier-grade performance with more than 25 points of presence in the USA
  • Premium support and issue resolution
  • Customer success management and project scoping
  • Solution consulting and assistance with solution architecture
  • Auto data redaction for GDPR and regulatory compliance

Outside of the developer platform, Vonage also provides Nexmo at a more granular level, in the form of APIs for SMS, Phone number verification, Phone number insights, Voice API, and chat API.

The Vonage Nexmo API platform comes either in a “standard” or “premium” package. Both packages offer unlimited USA voice, Reporting APIs, Audit APIs, Automatic Data redaction, 99.99% uptime, and premium support. The premium option also comes with customer success management tools and solution consulting.


Today’s customers want opportunities to connect with brands how and when they choose – using the devices that are most comfortable to them. For many organisations, this means that SMS functionality is growing increasingly important.

The Vonage Nexmo SMS API allows companies to get global reach for their SMS strategy with local numbers and worldwide compliance features. Additionally, the lightning-speed reliability means that you never have to worry about missing out on a connection. The SMS API features:

  • Global adaptive routing: The Vonage algorithm directs traffic via the most reliable routes
  • Global compliance: Vonage works with partner networks around the world on compliance issues
  • Global number pools: Purchase local numbers in batches for your business
  • Branding: Send messages with your brand name attached
  • Real-time analytics: For insights into delivery quality, volume, and cost
  • Persistent sender IDs: To keep customer responses and SMS in a single conversation

The Phone Number Verification API

Offer a next level application experience for your customers. With the Nexmo Phone Number Verification API, you can create seamless product installations and logins while protecting your business at the same time. The Nexmo API comes with two-factor authentication for security, which automatically blocks numbers used for fraud and spam. Additionally, the Nexmo service automatically prevents any numbers that might be used for fraud or spam, to deliver better peace of mind. Features include:

  • Automatically detect and block numbers used for fraud and spam
  • Customise templates, pre-record calls, and configure retry times
  • Comply with global regulations thanks to Vonage partnerships
  • Verify both landline and mobile calls
  • Adaptive routing gives you the fastest routes for connections

The Phone Number Insights API

The Vonage Nexmo APIs don’t only provide opportunities to verify numbers; they can also give you insights into those numbers too. With the Number Insights API, you can get real-time insights into any phone number, for an enhanced data network. You can identify valid numbers and determine whether calls are coming from landlines and mobiles, as well as seeing their carrier, location, and more. You can also check for numbers that might put you at risk of fraud and spam. Features include insights into:

  • Number validity
  • Number reachability
  • Blacklisted numbers
  • Number origin and format
  • Number type
  • Country and carrier
  • Roaming status and roaming carrier

The Voice API

For an advanced telephony experience, Vonage offers the Nexmo Voice API, designed to transform the customer communication stack. With this API, you can enhance the call-based interactions in your stack and create new voice experiences designed to improve the customer experience (CX). There’s even an option to integrate artificial intelligence features.

As your business continues to grow, the Vonage carrier-grade network also allows you to scale seamlessly, with outbound calls from local numbers to boost engagement. What’s more, the API provides automation features to keep your employees focusing on the right tasks. Features include:

  • Per-second billing
  • Call control
  • Call recording
  • Voice conferencing
  • Artificial intelligence integration
  • Inbound call processing

The Chat API

Finally, now that 30% of customers expect live chat on a business website, it makes sense to explore the instant messaging resolution. With the Vonage Nexmo Chat API, you can interact with customers using their preferred messaging apps, including Messenger, Viber, WeChat, and many others.

The API gives you access to unlimited users on the social apps they already know and love so that you can give an unforgettable customer service experience. The Chat API features:

  • Enterprise Support
  • Account management
  • Customisation features
  • Data insights
  • Spam and fraud automatic blocking

Finishing Thoughts on the Vonage Nexmo APIs

Whether you’re a developer looking to build the perfect communication stack from scratch, or you just want to add a new feature into your network, the Vonage Nexmo platform has it all. For companies in search of a simple and scalable solution to better customer experience, Vonage makes connecting with your audience incredibly straightforward.

Have you tried the Nexmo platform or APIs yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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AvatarAnthony Uliano 12:08, 24 Aug 2018

The Vonage/Nexmo API is robust and flexible. We’ve used it at AMC to build feature rich CRM integration for Salesforce, Dynamics, and SAP.

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