Vonage Video API Supports Doctolib Telehealth

Rebekah Carter

Providing free Telehealth consultations in a crisis


Vonage, a leading provider of communications solutions, recently announced that consultation management software company, Doctolib has benefitted from its software. The Doctolib brand has been able to strengthen its commitment to healthcare professionals in the COVID-19 environment, with a service built on video APIs from Vonage.

According to Patient Strategy Director for Doctolib, Sanche d’Abravanel, Teleconsultations help healthcare companies to treat patients at a distance, offering them more valuable guidance and treatment, while reducing the potential spread of pandemics like COVID-19. Currently, Doctolib is supporting around 100,000 video consultations per day, with around 30,000 doctors set to self-onboard in the days ahead.

The video API offerings from Vonage give Doctolib the tools it needs to deliver amazing video so that healthcare providers around the world can help their patients.

Providing Custom Video Solutions

The Vonage API platform offers embedded, and custom programmable communication features through APIs that support applications and help businesses connect with customers through the channels that they use most. This includes video, chat, voice, and SMS. Thanks to an open API platform that aligns with strict guidelines on the management of healthcare data, Vonage APIs allow you to implement video into your apps and solve your problems in a scalable way.

As a leader in WebRTC solutions since the start of the WebRTC standard in 2012, Vonage features advanced security features like recordings and encrypted media. Additionally, the company also offers detailed analytics into things like quality of service too. Because of this, healthcare providers are better equipped to unlock the potential of telehealth for their operations.

As one of the fastest-growing eHealth start-ups in Europe, Doctolib was keen to be one of the first to embrace the system. The software has enabled French patients and doctors to start using video consultation thanks to video APIs from Vonage. Doctolib is also financing the equipment, installation, and management of the service during this health crisis.

Opening New Doors in a Crisis

Omar Javaid

Omar Javaid

According to the President of Vonage’s API platform group, Omar Javaid, Vonage is pioneering the solutions of many of the leading telehealth services in the world, including those from Doctolib. Currently, it’s vital for healthcare experts to be able to deliver a consistent and effective service when unexpected events happen while adopting telehealth services for those who are forced to self-isolate.

Vonage has released a range of new solutions for free for healthcare professionals that may be unable to operate in remote environments easily during the COVID-19 crisis. You can find out more about the offers available from Vonage by visiting the company’s website.



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