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Voximplant CPaaS Review

CPaaS to empower your business

Voximplant CPaaS Review

The introduction of Communication Platform as a Service solutions has changed the way that businesses develop their communication stack. Today, if you need new features in anything from messaging to voice and video, you can implement the right elements into your existing tools and applications, without any substantial hardware investments.

CPaaS solutions are giving organisations the agility they need to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Voximplant uses the latest in real-time communication technologies, SDKs and APIs to deliver a comprehensive CPaaS platform to customers.

The Voximplant CPaaS Platform

The Voximplant CPaaS platform is a solution designed to empower the modern business with video, voice and messaging features via the cloud. Currently, the company has 9 data centres worldwide, 6 years of experience on the market, and more than 12,000 global customers.

Specialising in SDKs for voice, messaging, and video, Voximplant can give organisations the power they need to transform their current environment with everything from unified communications, to IVR with voice recognition, programmable callback, cloud call centres, and more.

Voximplant also offers a range of easy-to-access SDKs for quick and straightforward development, even if you don’t have a lot of experience with coding. Currently, the toolkits available include:

  • Java Android SDK
  • JavaScript web SDK
  • JavaScript React Native SDK
  • JavaScript Cloud-side API

Voximplant For Voice

The Voice component of the Voximplant CPaaS system offers simple and easy-to-access cloud JavaScript, to give businesses complete real-time control over their calls. Through the platform, you can access a range of communication solutions, including programmable call routing, cloud call centre implementation and automated voice notifications.

The Voximplant Voice system comes with access to a range of fantastic capabilities, including phone-to-phone connectivity, phone-to-app calls, and app-to-app connections. There’s also the option to automate your calls to suit specific campaigns, build intelligent call queues, develop different APIs, and more. You can even tap into all the benefits of robust voice conferencing and call transcription.

Some of the most impressive features include:

  • Outbound call lists
  • Cloud JavaScript control
  • Cloud IDE with syntax highlighting
  • Predictive dialling
  • Cloud debugging
  • Logging and call management
  • Speech to text and text to speech
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail detection
  • PSTN or SIP compatibility
  • HTTP API to integrate Voximplant into your own product
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Voximplant for Video

Video is growing increasingly popular in the communication world. It offers an extra level of immersion for employees and customers alike. With Voximplant for Video, you can embed HD calls and conferences into your existing communication environment. Voximplant supports video call recording for compliance, high-quality video chat on web and mobile apps, and video conferencing in the cloud.

Businesses using video to take their communication stack to the next level can sign up to develop programmable video call-routing experiences and click-to-call environments on their website. Thanks to the wide range of additional communication strategies available from Voximplant, organisations can even produce a full unified communication experience.

Some of the most impressive features of Voximplant for video include:

  • Speech to text
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Video call logging
  • Cloud debugging
  • Cloud JavaScript
  • Video recording
  • Multi-party video conferencing

Voximplant for Messaging

Like many leading CPaaS platform providers today, Voximplant are also exploring the benefits of web and mobile messaging. Many modern consumers prefer messaging over standard voice calls today. What’s more, messaging is an excellent way to remain “front of mind” for your audience. With the Voximplant programmable messaging solution, companies can add in-app messaging to their web or mobile creations.

There’s also access to features like a message bus strategy, group chat for communication with multiple participants, and a simple SMS API. Organisations can add SMS and messaging to their cloud contact centre environment or use it to build out their unified communication strategy. The easy-to-use programmable messaging also means that required functionality is easy to access at a moment’s notice.

Built-in features include:

  • Detailed logging
  • Cloud debugging
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Web API integration with web pages, backends, and apps
  • Group chat
  • SMS functionality

Voximplant CPaaS Use Cases

To help businesses get the most out of their new CPaaS strategy, Voximplant provides suggestions for how you can develop your organisation based on your industry. For instance, some of the basic solutions suggested for any company include using the “Dialogflow Connector” to integrate telephony with natural speech processing or accessing automated phone surveys.

Other suggestions include:

  • Lead processing automation with smart conversions
  • Phone number masking to control quality of service
  • Smart IVR to automate inbound calls
  • Programmable call routing
  • Cloud contact centre management
  • Programmable call back to keep contact centres connected
  • Unified communication services to combine voice, messaging and video
  • Click-to-call functionality for any app
  • Programmable messaging
  • Voice notifications via an automated system
  • Smart and flexible outbound calls

What Makes Voximplant Different?

Voximplant gives developers a free-to-access creative environment where they can build their own communication tools using everything from HTTP APIs, to React Native and Unity SDKs. Through Voximplant, you can discover the benefits of real-time voice recording, speech to text conversions, intelligent voicemail and more. What’s more, with guidance from their use-case solutions, businesses can figure out which APIs are most beneficial to them and their employees.

For people that are new to the world of CPaaS, Voximplant offers a vast amount of documentation and guidance. You can speak to an expert about the kind of SDK or API strategy you need, and explore opportunities based on your industry. There’s also a developer community to connect with, an FAQ section on the site, and a “Showcase” space, where customers have shared their success stories.

Have you developed your CPaaS strategy with Voximplant? Let us know what you think of the solution in the comment section below!


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