Daisy Spin-Out Allvotec Ramps Up UC Portfolio

MSP partners with Vapour to deliver enterprise-grade unified comms services

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Published: September 9, 2021

Marian McHugh

Technology Reporter

Daisy spin-out Allvotec has teamed up with cloud specialist Vapour to bolster its UC portfolio.

The firm has appointed Vapour as a select partner for Avaya projects with over 250 users. The Vapour Subscription Service (VSS) allows Allvotec to securely deliver enterprise-grade UC services through Vapour’s private network infrastructure, with an ed-to-end services wrap and SIP if required. The customer relationship and contract will remain with Allvotec.

“For three decades, we’ve delivered, supported, and maintained tech solutions that enhance customers’ communications, collaboration and productivity, via a partner-exclusive business model,” stated Allvotec CEO, Dave Garder.

“We only collaborate with true experts who are as confident and experienced in their respective fields, as we are.

“We’re forecasting a big growth over the next 12 months, as organisations’ digital transformation projects continue at pace. Vapour will now play a key part in accelerating our ability to innovate, and deliver successful UC solutions which are agile, robust and compliant”

The partnership is driven by the market’s retirement of legacy systems in favour of next-generation, cloud-based UC adoption, Gardner added.

Vapour CEO, Tim Mercer, added: “Today’s UC offerings don’t always meet the needs of partners and their end users.

“However, with businesses demanding better quality cloud voice solutions than ever before, this is a great opportunity for a ‘Vapour x Allvotec’ collaboration to drive change in the market. Together, we can deliver enterprise-grade Avaya tools to Allvotec’s customers, while they retain complete control of the relationships they’ve built over the years.”

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