Dialpad Dials into the Australian Market

Rebekah Carter

Dialpad partners with Untangled ICT to enter Australia

Dialpad Dials into the Australian Market

Dialpad, a leading communications company with a mission to make conversations in business landscapes easier and more immersive, recently announced a new strategic move. The company, recognised widely as the only cloud-based communication platform powered by voice intelligence solutions, is now partnering with Untangled ICT. This will give Dialpad access to reseller services within the new landscape of Australia.

Craig Walker Dialpad

Craig Walker

The strategic new partnership will bring the full suite of cloud-native communications from Dialpad into the Australian and New Zealand environments.

Untangled ICT is a company focused on the development and delivery of cloud-based services for communication in the Australian market. The company brings together a powerful team of local ICT, Telecommunication, and SaaS industry experts. As Australis’s only official reseller of Dialpad services, Untangled will be offering Dialpad Sell, Dialpad Talk, and Dialpad Support licenses as part of its core suite of cloud telecoms solutions.

Celebrating the New Partnership

According to the CEO of Dialpad, Craig Walker, the company is thrilled to announce this new partnership, and they’re excited for Dialpad to officially enter the Australian landscape. As NBN continues to phase ISDN and PSTN users out, Dialpad will be on-board to help users make the switch to VoIP technology. It’s the ideal time to move into this new space.

Over the next few years, the National Broadband Network has pledged to work harder than ever to improve communication services in the region through infrastructure upgrades for internet and phone technology. Enterprise ISDNs and individual phone lines will now be phased out in exchange for UC solutions as the NBN drives more businesses to replace legacy PBX hardware and become more compatible with IP-based solutions. The need for services like those offered by Dialpad is greater than ever.

An Exciting New Opportunity

Untangled-ICTAs Australia begins its digital transformation journey, Dialpad and Untangled ICT both see huge potential for cloud-based telephony in the country. Untangled ICT Executive Director, Ramon Elzinga, said that the company chose to work with Dialpad because of the company’s superior reliability and ease of use. In Australia, the demand for cloud communications is increasing across a range of industries, and the Dialpad platform offers a sensational core telephony service with added benefits like NLP and AI already built-in.

The collaboration between Dialpad and Untangled will lead to powerful opportunities going forward.


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