Dimension Data and Arkadin Collaborate over “Webex Hybrid Services”

Introducing Cisco Webex Hybrid Services

Dimension Data and Arkadin Collaborate over “Webex Hybrid Services”

As competition in the collaboration and communication marketplaces continue to grow, every brand is looking for a way to differentiate. A great example of this is the efforts recently launched by Arkadin, a leader in the cloud UC world, and Dimension Data. The two organisations have combined their various specialties to offer Cisco Webex Hybrid Services – a solution that provides organisations with the resources they need to connect on-premises UC and existing networking systems to the Webex Teams platform.

The collaborative effort from Arkadin and Dimension Data is intended to offer a higher level of customer experience overall for end-users. Additionally, the brands hope that the new functionalities will also assist their users in achieving more ROI when they turn towards Unified Communications.

Designing a Streamlined Experience

Now that countless companies are looking for ways to boost productivity and minimise distraction on the cloud, organisations all over the UC landscape are coming together to deliver their own version of the perfect collaborative experience. Arkadin and Dimension Data felt that some of their customers would want a way to maintain the personalisation options they had when combining their voice and video systems on-premises, while also accessing the flexibility of the cloud.

In a world where a poorly-managed hybrid experience can cause serious issues in the enterprise, Arkadin and Dimension Data are working together to provide a more friction-free approach to the cloud experience. The Webex Hybrid Services solution comes supported by both a strong relationship with Cisco, and a comprehensive background working with the NTT Group – a leader in offering architecture, security, and cloud services to the ICT environment.

Better Cloud Collaboration for Cisco

David Lallemand

Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Arkadin, David Lallemand

According to the Senior VP for Collaboration and Global Data Centre sales at Cisco, Frank Palumbo, the new development in Webex Hybrid Services should help to empower customer on their journey to the cloud, by giving them a more immersive and integrated experience. Palumbo noted that the combined expertise of Dimension Data and Arkadin mean that the pair is well-positioned to deliver exceptional experience to end-users, along with the managed services and training needed for better adoption.

The Vice President for Arkadin’s Strategic Alliances, David Lallemand also spoke out in a press release, saying that customers will now be able to benefit from not only their cloud expertise but also their global footprint and streamlined solution for procurement. This ensures that customers get an all-in-one package for a better experience.

The Webex hybrid service system comes with Calendar services, hybrid calling, media services, directory services, and single sign-on (SSO).

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