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Foehn: Customer Success Through Strength In-Depth

From UCaaS to CCaaS, Foehn has delivered it all

Foehn: Customer Success Through Strength In-Depth

From in-house development to the professional expertise necessary to implement omnichannel solutions, Foehn has recently displayed not only its as-a-Service diversity but its ability to execute across a variety of industries and businesses sizes. I spoke to Head of Marketing at Foehn, Rafael Cortes, to run through some of the customer case studies across the portfolio.


Kiwi.com is an online travel agency that has exploded from a small startup to a global presence with over 1,500 employees. Kiwi.com’s own mantra is connecting the unconnected, so you can imagine the importance of their communications and contact centre requirements.

Thomas Knox, Releases and Innovation Manager at Kiwi.com recognised that Kiwi.com cannot be an average call centre. With Foehn’s CCaaS platform, Kiwi.com has enabled real-time analytics to provide management with immediate reporting to react in real time to spikes in call traffic and smart IVRs to direct customers to the right agent first time. With the addition of analytics, Kiwi.com can draw up data from the PureCloud contact centre to drive continual improvement across the rest of the business.

“The thing about Foehn is they could help us through this process. The support they provide was optimal for what we needed. Having someone there who can do that consistently over time is something that we really value”.

Through the improved first call resolution rates and access to data they never had before, Kiwi.com has reduced average call handling times while growing both their customer base and employee base.

Foehn’s support during implementation was highlighted as totally flexible. Thomas said:

“Even if it wasn’t included in the main app, they were willing to develop it. That included reporting to wrap up codes. Our training went from a week to a day”.

“In the end, we needed a partner to keep up with our growth as well as the innovative style we need to keep up as Kiwi. We needed a company with stability, but also the ability to make adjustments on the fly”.

In 2018, Foehn was awarded PureCloud partner of the year by Genesys.


When it came to choosing a cloud phone system, Foehn stood out by demonstrating their range of functionality for intelligently routing calls, twinning office and mobile handsets and video conferencing. Standalone and combined, these new features introduced efficiencies and collaboration across the business. Communique particularly liked the simplicity of the conferencing feature has transformed remote working and given teams easier access to clients when time and opportunity makes it difficult to travel to face to face meeting.

Gary Warland, Commercial Director & Financial Controller at Communique, commented following implementation. “Voxivo incorporates a beautifully designed and intuitive management portal that makes control and configuration of system settings simple and achievable in-house. I can now control DDIs, call schedules, dial plans and provisioning, all without the need to call an engineer. That saves money but, more importantly, it saves time.”

These two customer stories are just a sample of the technologies and capabilities in Foehn’s portfolio. To read about more customer success Foehn has experienced, you can view their full list of case studies here.


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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 15:19, 05 Mar 2019

Great to hear that Kiwi.com can focus their agents on the more complex customer-handling tasks!

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