UC: Foster a Positive Work Environment

Guest Blog by Patrice Bramat, Business Success Manager at Bicom Systems

UC: Foster a Positive Work Environment

Fostering a positive work environment can be challenging for international companies. Employees face a unique set of difficulties when it comes to communication. Employees are forced to work around different time zones, schedules, and holidays. Aside from the geographic barrier, there may also be language and cultural hurdles to overcome.

Multinational companies also have to allocate for remote workers, employees who work from home, and virtual workers. They are just as important to the company’s success even if they do not operate in one of the physical offices.

Despite all of those factors, international companies should not have to compromise collaboration and communication abilities. Thanks to Unified Communication tools, there are many ways to work around the challenges that employees face in a multinational company.

Instead of showcasing the features separately, let’s look at a few real-life examples of how an international company uses these features every day.

Let’s look at a typical day for:

A Canadian Office Employee

Laura is an employee in a Canadian office. Her boss is a short 5,000 miles away in a different country. UC tools like Instant Messaging and screen share make working together effortless.

“If​ we are chatting on the phone or messaging, I can easily drag and drop any of my contacts into the conversation to get their input! It is so easy!”​- Laura

A ‘Work from Home’ Employee

Kevin is a long-term employee who enjoys working from home. His day runs smoothly with UC tools. He can join conference calls and never misses the weekly Friday meeting because he can join via video conferencing. A fax machine is not a common amenity found in homes. However, that is no problem because Kevin can send and receive faxes from his email.

A Remote Worker

Saulio is constantly on the go. His job forces him to set up shop wherever he can.

“Using​ software that is BYOD friendly, is extremely beneficial to me!”​- Saulio

Some of Saulio’s favorite UC features are hot desking, file sharing, and his favourite, his UC mobile application. Since Saulio is constantly travelling, he can work on the move with his office in his pocket.

A European Office Employee

Almir is a graphic designer in Europe. He is constantly working with the marketing team who are spread out in different time zones. The 5 hour time difference can be challenging at times, but Almir is thankful for UC. He can share confidential files quickly over instant messaging versus old fashioned email. He also can set his presence on chat to ‘away’ or ‘busy’ to let other team members know he is not available to chat.

The scenarios above are not fiction. These are real people who work for a global company and use Unified Communication tools to communicate and collaborate. We know this because they are our employees.

Bicom Systems understands that employees need the right tools to do their jobs successfully. Providing these tools will make your employees’ tasks easier and more attainable. UC enables employee growth and satisfaction, in turn creating a positive work environment.


Patrice Bramat

Patrice Bramat

Guest Blog by Patrice Bramat, Business Success Manager at Bicom Systems
Patrice has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and management. Upon recently joining the Bicom Systems team, he came from large corporations like Akzo Nobel, Rexel, and Xerox. As Bicom Systems Business Success Manager, Patrice is tasked with providing partners with resources in sales and marketing to further their business needs.

Bicom Systems is the only unified communications provider with all of the pieces to start and grow a telephony company. They offer seven highly-featured products integrated seamlessly to boost sales, growth, and profit.


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