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Take a quick look at what some of the UC Summit 2023 sessions will involve

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Last Edited: November 16, 2022

Ryan Smith

Technology Journalist

UC Summit 2023 is just around the corner, and we want you to join us when the live video series kicks off on Monday, January 23.

The Summit is free for users to participate in our live and on-demand sessions, so don’t miss out and click here to register now or add a reminder to your calendar 🗓 using this link.

UC Summit 2023 is all about taking hybrid head-on, so there will be plenty of guest speakers from the UC and collaboration industry to give their insight on the latest and upcoming trends.

The five-day video series will be packed full of exclusive information that you won’t find anywhere else as well as insightful sessions to ensure your organisation is equipped for the next big time in hybrid work.

What to Expect From Our Sessions

The UC Today team are planning the UC Summit 2023 sessions to give organisations a better understanding of the latest trends surrounding hybrid working.

Our panels will delve into topics such as keeping employees engaged in a hybrid environment, ensuring that your UCaaS platforms are secure, AI’s role in hybrid work, and more.

To get you excited for UC Summit 2023, here is a sneak peek into what some of the sessions will involve:

How to Create a Successful Hybrid Working Culture  

Having the right working environment and culture is the key to success for organisations worldwide, and it is no different in the hybrid working space.

Too many companies fail to shift to hybrid working because they can’t get their office culture to work smoothly in a disjointed environment.

This session is designed to explore the technology that is helping businesses engage their employees and what a thriving hybrid working culture looks like in 2023.

Engagement – the New Currency of the Virtual Meeting 

A lack of engagement within virtual meetings can seriously impact companies adopting a hybrid working model.

In this session, we aim to dissect how online meetings have evolved beyond ‘the square’ and how companies can use technology to create more engaging and inclusive meetings for all.

How & Why Enable Your Meetings with AI? 

The capabilities of what innovative technology can achieve are developing rapidly, and artificial intelligence in the hybrid working space is no exception.

AI brings all kinds of benefits to meetings, from features such as noise cancellation for better audio quality to automatic transcription.

However, users need to consider whether AI is suitable for their organisation.

Our experts will discuss how and why you should enable your meetings with AI to get the best out of the technology.

Mitigation of the Inevitable – Securing Your UCaaS Platform 

In the modern digital world, security is critical, and UCaaS platforms are increasingly used to share sensitive information.

Most UCaaS platforms come with some level of built-in security to protect users; however, is that enough to keep your data safe?

We will look at the current security landscape and discuss how businesses can secure their platforms and mitigate a disaster in case of a data breach.

What is UC Summit 2023?

UC Summit 2023 is a five-day video series that starts on Monday, January 23, and runs until Friday, January 27 (a reminder to your calendar 🗓).

Throughout the week, users can check out our premium collection of panel discussions, sessions and vendor interviews.

The team here at UC Today will be covering topics relevant to the entire UC and collaboration industry.

The entire thing will be hosted solely at, and once the live video series ends, it will be accessible to users on-demand for the rest of 2023.



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