Global Internet Outages Map Released

ThousandEyes highlights recent outages

Global Internet Outages Map Released

Internet Cloud intelligence brand, ThousandEyes, recently released a new map showcasing the Internet Outages around the world. This helicopter visualisation of global internet health is always on and updating, providing companies with an almost real-time insight into what’s happening in their region, and which outages could be affecting the experience of their employees or customers.

According to the CEO and Co-Founder of ThousandEyes, Mohit Lad, over the past few weeks, the company has been overwhelmed by requests from industry analysts and businesses needing a better overview of the internet health in their area during these challenging times. The Global Outages map aims to address this need so that companies and consumers have access to an actual internet telemetry resource.

A Complete Overview of Internet Outages

Around the world, ThousandEyes has many vantage points assessing billions of metrics each day. This means that the company can easily detect when flows in traffics are being disrupted in public cloud networks and ISPs. The network telemetry data is analysed as part of the Digital Experience Monitoring platform, and the macro outages detected are displayed consistently on an interactive map as part of the total Internet Insights offering from ThousandEyes.

The Global Internet Outages map offers global internet health data to the world for free. However, the Internet Insights solution allows customers to gain deeper insights with a more complete overview of the impact of outages on a macro scale. This visual provides companies with the ability to rapidly identify, remediate, and escalate business-relevant internet issues while communicating more effectively with providers and customers.

High-Level Internet Intelligence

Companies from across the cloud environment rely on the insights provided by the ThousandEyes Internet Insights solution because it delivers one of the only collectively powered views of complete global internet health. More than 150 of the Global 2000 and 80 of the Fortune 500 use the ThousandEyes service today for end-to-end visibility into digital experiences.

This collectively-powered overview informs the trusted research reports delivered by ThousandEyes, too, including the digital experience benchmark, the public cloud performance benchmark, and the DNS performance benchmark. Anyone can now view the Global Internet Outages map any time you like to see an overview of the outage issues that occurred in the last 24 hours.


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