NewVoiceMedia Ups NPS Score of Global Manufacturer MTD by 20

NewVoiceMedia Ups NPS Score of Global Manufacturer MTD by 20

NewVoiceMedia, a leading provider of insider sales and cloud contact centre technology, recently shared the details of a successful case study with their NVM platform. NewVoiceMedia revealed that one of their clients, MTD, a global distributor and manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, has increased their Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 20 points with the NVM platform.

The award-winning platform from NewVoiceMedia is designed to connect communication channels within the modern enterprise, without relying on disruptive or expensive hardware changes. The case study from MTD is indisputable evidence that NVM has a lot to offer their clients when it comes to accelerating customer experience and improving brand reputation.

The MTD Case Study

MTD is a leading brand in the delivery and creation of outdoor power equipment, with more than 8,000 employees. The Ohio-based privately-owned company has been around for 86 years, distributing and manufacturing everything from tractors to lawn mowers. Like many companies in the ever-changing business environment today, MTD recently went through a digital transformation process, replacing their on-premises Avaya technology for the contact centre, with something new. MTD revealed that their on-premises solutions were preventing them from reaching their true operational potential, which is why they chose to switch to the cloud-based NewVoiceMedia Platform in 2017.

MTD chose NewVoiceMedia for their contact centre solution because the company wanted a complete overview of the customer journey. The leaders at MTD wanted a better understanding of how the contact centre was managing sales and service across the business. Because the NVM platform could offer a tight integration with the company’s existing CRM system, the new synergy allowed for an enhanced customer experience (CX) across both voice and digital channels. What’s more, MTD reported better agent experience when it came to access contextual data like call recordings and customer records.

Transforming the Contact Centre Experience

MTD found that by implementing the NVM platform, they could boost efficiency in the workforce for 130 customer service agent and increase first-call resolution by 12% on phone conversations. MTD also integrated Monet WFM into their transformation project to make sure that the workforce schedule was optimised correctly, and staffing costs were kept to a minimum through predictive analytics.

Managers at MTD now have the opportunity to track activity in the workforce and adapt the number of agents in the office depending on factors like time and resources. Additionally, agent schedule adherence in the company has improved by 7.5%. Other achievements since the implementation of the NewVoiceMedia Platform include:

  • Call abandonment rate has fallen by 65% on the MTD dealer line
  • 30 seconds have been removed from each service call, giving agents more time to engage in omnichannel conversations.
  • Digital channel engagement has seen a 250% increase between 2017 and 2018
  • Average handle time has been reduced by 40%

The various improvements that the NewVoiceMedia platform has brought to MTD has prompted a 20-point boost in Net Promoter Score. NewVoiceMedia’s IVR survey post-call means that the business could easily monitor the NPS KPI by scheduling surveys to check on customer satisfaction.

A Successful Digital Transformation for MTD

According to the Customer Service Operations Manager of MTD, Ken Kotlarek, only nine months into the company’s transformation project, they’ve already seen a vast improvement compared to the results they could achieve with the legacy system. According to Kotlarek, the NewVoiceMedia system has given MTD the visibility into the customer support experiences that they needed, while automating workforce management processes allowed them to track KPIs and transformational metrics.

The NewVoiceMedia platform for customer engagement gives MTD’s agents access to all the tools and contextual information they need to transform customer experience across multiple voice and digital channels. What’s more, MTD believes that NewVoiceMedia has also improved agent experience in the workforce by giving them a system that’s so easy to use.


After a successful initial case study, MTD is planning to roll their transformation strategy across Europe, Canada, and Australia, using the NVM platform to support contact centre solutions, and explore disruptive technology like IoT projects and conversation analytics. MTD will also be implementing the NVM Conversation Analyzer system and PCI compliance technology for support with phone-based payments.

In a discussion about the MTD case study, the SVP of Customer Success for NewVoiceMedia, Chris Haggis announced that the company is pleased to see that MTD has accomplished such amazing things with the NVM platform.


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