Healius Deploys RingCentral’s UC-CC Platform in Australia

James Stephen

The investment is being made to improve doctor and patient experiences 

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Healius Deploys RingCentral’s UC-CC Platform in Australia

Healius has chosen to implement RingCentral’s unified communications (UC) and contact centre (CC) platform across Australia with a view to enhancing doctor and patient experiences. 

The platform will provide the leading Australian healthcare provider with a communications upgrade to its pathology and diagnostic imaging practices, beginning with voice and expanding into other communication channels in the future. 

 Healius also expects the solutions to increase workforce and operational efficiency via the platform’s analytics and insights capabilities. 

Arjun Narang, General Manager, Operations Transformation at Healius Limited, said: “RingCentral provides us with the ideal integration of communications infrastructure and applications into a single service, which we evaluated through successful trials of their solution at two of our sites in Sydney. 

“Those trials demonstrated the capabilities of the RingCentral platform to our team, and the analytics and reporting generated by the RingCentral platform gave us invaluable insights into the operations of the Healius business. 

“We are also looking forward to ongoing innovation and technology evolution from RingCentral as our long-term partner.” 

RingCentral and Healius have agreed to a five-year contract. As well as the UC-CC platform, RingCentral has also agreed to provide the devices and project services needed for the platform deployment. 

The contract also includes 500,000 toll-free calling minutes per month, a service desk integrated with Healius’ ServiceNow, and e-fax functionality on all numbers. 

The roll-out is due to be completed across all 260 of Healius’ sites by early 2023. 

John Poli, Industry Principal, Healthcare at RingCentral, said:

“Healthcare companies RingCentral is working with globally are constantly seeking new ways to increase growth, productivity, and efficiency, at the same time delivering quality, affordable, secure, and accessible services to their patients. 

“To achieve this, these companies are embracing new technologies to enable more dynamic business operations, outcomes-driven measurement and a focus on the patient, doctor, and employee experience – in that order.” 

Ringcentral’s platform is replacing Healius’ various end-of-life technologies, allowing for new integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and more business applications. This will result in more efficient customer support and enhanced employee experiences. 

To improve service reliability, RingCentral will also deliver a guaranteed telephony service level of 99.999% and oversee the security and privacy of customer content. 

‘Customer content’, in this case, refers to call content, voice recordings, voicemails, email, facsimiles, conferences, shared files, webchat and other communications made or stored via RingCentral’s services. Data is retained and only accessible within Australia. 

Peter Hughes, Area Vice President, RingCentral, said: “The project with Healius is a great example of these new ways of applying technology in the healthcare sector, showcasing the transformational effects of RingCentral’s modern communications architecture and integrated platform. 

“Removing the barriers of a rigid telecommunications infrastructure and transitioning to cloud-based, as-a-service IT models opens up the opportunities for further digital innovation and integration potential. 

“That in turn will drive greater operational efficiencies and improvements in both customer experience and employee experience.” 

Recently, RingCentral released a research report which found that more than 90% of business leaders use phones as a primary means of communication. Far from being yesterday’s technology, the report showed that phones are being used across all parts of businesses, with the size of a business having no impact on its usage. 

In September, RingCentral added AI video features to its RingCentral Video and RingCentral MVP platforms. The new AI features include RingCentral Whiteboard, live transcription, noise reduction, reactions, advanced meeting insights, and remote desktop control.



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