How Much Would a Cloud Outage Cost Your Business?

Rebekah Carter

77% of UK businesses are unprepared for an outage

How Much Would a Cloud Outage Cost Your Business?

Veritas Technologies, a brand devoted to helping companies discover the truth in their data, recently published a new study into the state of cloud computing. The report, titled, “The Truth in Cloud” found that an alarming 77% of UK companies have no idea how much a cloud outage would could their business. Ultimately, organisations are woefully underprepared to deal with a cloud-based problem. Although many cloud service providers do what they can to keep outages and other problems to a minimum, most brands simply don’t understand their own responsibilities when they transition to the cloud. The less an organisation knows about their cloud needs, the less prepared they’ll be in the event of an unexpected malfunction.

The Truth About Cloud Outages

The Veritas study was conducted by Vanson Bourne and looked at approximately 1200 global IT decision makers and business leaders. The research found that almost all respondents (96%) will be moving their network into the cloud during the next 12-24 months.

However, while more people are actively moving towards the cloud, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to protect themselves from the vulnerabilities of a cloud environment. 38% of respondents said that they expect to deal with fewer than 15 minutes of monthly downtime, but the truth is that most organisations experience an average of at least 16 minutes.

Protecting Against a Cloud Outage

Interestingly, the Veritas report also revealed that 66% of today’s companies believe that it’s the responsibility of the cloud provider to deal with service interruptions. While most providers will have service level agreements to adhere to, end-users can have a part to play when securing their cloud experience too. After all, beyond the complications of an infrastructure-level outage, brands will also need to consider how much time it takes to

bring their applications back online.

The Chief Product Officer and Vice President for Veritas, Mike Palmer, noted that today’s organisations obviously lack the knowledge they need to truly understand their cloud computing networks. In fact, a business would be able to immediately recover from a cloud outage if they simply took a more proactive approach to maintaining their uptime in the cloud.

Enjoying the Full Benefits of Cloud

Veritas, Mike Palmer

Chief Product Officer and Vice President for Veritas, Mike Palmer

Knowledge is power in any industry, and that’s certainly true when it comes to mitigating disaster in a technology-focused environment. Organisations should know exactly how a cloud outage might impact their business, to ensure that they’re ready to protect themselves against the possibility of downtime.

According to Palmer, Veritas Technologies embraces a multi-cloud approach for their customers, partnering with a range of leading cloud service providers to ensure that customers can easily migrate data and application between, to, and from different cloud environments. This multi-network approach allows Veritas to offer more consistent business uptime, and the brand also works alongside customers and cloud service providers to ensure that they’re protected should an outage occur.

According to Veritas, though the results of the latest study are worrisome, companies can still mitigate the serious risks associated with cloud downtime by embracing the right resiliency strategies.


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