How Soprano Helps Enterprises in the Pursuit of Secure Text Messaging

Soprano’s CPaaS platform gives businesses confidence that their communications are secure

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How Soprano Helps Enterprises in the Pursuit of Secure Text Messaging
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Last Edited: March 23, 2023

Ryan Smith

Technology Journalist

Ensuring that communication platforms are secure from cyber threats is something that all businesses need to consider in the modern age. 

As threat actors continue to develop their methods of targeting organisations, CPaaS providers and their customers must ensure that they are ready for any potential attack. 

Soprano Connect, the company’s CPaaS offering, aims to help businesses provide secure messaging to ensure that they do not fall victim to cybercrime.

Mike Gannon, Product Marketing Manager at Soprano, commented: “In the pursuit of secure text messaging, both enterprises and CPaaS providers have an essential role to play.  

“By working together, enterprises and CPaaS providers can help to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information, while also improving customer engagement and streamlining business operations.  

“This is particularly important for industries that handle confidential customer or client data, such as finance, healthcare, and legal services.” 

Challenges Surrounding Secure Messaging

Due to the constant evolution of malicious attacks by threat actors, it is a challenge for CPaaS providers and enterprises to ensure they are protected from cyber-attacks. 

These attacks can have a huge impact on businesses including financial losses, reputational damage, and disruption to operations. 

Soprano states that one of the main ways enterprises are targeted is through phishing and smishing attacks which often use emails or text messages to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information. 

Threat actors also look to exploit vulnerabilities in an organisation’s systems or network, for example, they could identify and exploit unpatched software/hardware or use malware to gain access to the company’s systems. 

To protect against these attacks, Gannon believes that enterprises must do their part when it comes to employee training and policies to ensure that they are following the correct security procedures. 

He said: “Protecting against malicious attacks is a challenge for enterprises, such as phishing attacks, smishing attacks, malware attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks. 

“Educating employees on how to identify and avoid these types of attacks is essential for maintaining the security of their enterprise’s secure text messaging solutions. 

“Additionally, enterprises can establish clear policies and procedures for using text messaging for business purposes, and regularly monitor and review their messaging systems to ensure that they are operating securely.” 

The Benefits of Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging can bring various benefits to enterprises, such as enhanced security, confidentiality, improved customer engagement, and cost savings. 

According to Soprano, one of the key benefits of secure messaging is the ability to protect sensitive information from being accessed by unauthorised third parties. 

This is particularly important for industries that have strict compliance laws in relation to customer data such as healthcare and finance. 

Therefore, by deploying encrypted messaging systems, businesses can ensure that sensitive information can remain secure and confidential. 

Customer engagement is critical to an organisation’s success and secure messaging is one of the ways in which it can be boosted. 

Giving customers a secure and convenient way to communicate with the business, it can help to improve their experience and build trust, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Soprano estimates that the financial impact of a minor cyber-attack on an organisation could cost around $1M and that a severe security breach could run up costs of more than $100M. 

As a result, companies that use SMS messaging for business purposes need to ensure that they are compliant with security regulations. 

Secure SMS messaging also can bring down the day-to-day operating costs of an enterprise if they can reduce their reliance on more expensive communication channels. 

How Soprano’s CPaaS Provides Secure Messaging

Soprano states that it has over 4,000 customers from sectors such as healthcare, finance, and government who use the Soprano Connect CPaaS platform. 

The platform, which has ISO 27001 certification, comes with secure messaging already built in, meaning that customers can be certain that their communications are protected. 

The key security features of Soprano Connect include the following: 

  • Encrypted messaging: The platform uses end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive information and ensures that only authorised users can access the messages. 
  • Message masking: All messages that are sent and received can be masked or partially masked in audit reports to ensure that the organisation is GDPR complaint. 
  • Robust authentication: This feature ensures that only authorised users can access an organisation’s messaging system. 
  • Flexible integration: Soprano Connect is designed to be easily integrated into existing business systems and processes. This allows organisations to customise their communication strategies to suit their unique needs. 
  • Scalability: Every business is different and the CPaaS platform can be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of the customer. 
  • Analytics and insights: The platform can provide insights and analytic reports to allow enterprises to track the effectiveness of their communication efforts. 

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