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How to Make Your Business Ready for AI?

A new webinar with the experts at 8x8 discussing the best ways to ensure your business is ready for AI

UC Today are revolutionising the webinar. Gone are the days of boring slide decks and bland presentations as we bring you interactive video conversations augmented with stunning visuals.

In this webinar we examine the methods that businesses can use to ensure they are ready to deploy artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest technology trends within the industry and 8×8 specialise in ensuring that its customers understand the nuances before deployment.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why there is so much hype surrounding AI and why it has the potential to transform businesses
  • Hear about business scenarios where AI enhancement can have an immediate impact and produce tangible ROI
  • Discover where we are currently in the development of AI technology and why now is the right time to invest
  • Find out what to look for when choosing an AI technology partner

AI potentially has huge benefits if it can be effectively utilised to enhance business processes and this webinar aims to give you food for thought on how it might be able to help your business. The future of both internal process management and customer interaction could be transformed by the strategic use of AI so understanding where to start is crucial for any forward-thinking organisation.

Watch at your desk or from your mobile phone and get all the latest information on emerging areas of technology and thought leadership topics. UC Today is changing the traditional webinar to inform and educate in the most interesting way possible.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Vijai Gandikota from 8×8.

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