Introducing Dashbase: A New Remote Worker Solution

Dashbase helps companies serve customers anywhere

Introducing Dashbase: A New Remote Worker Solution

For some time now, the demand for remote work has been growing at an incredible pace. Everywhere you looked, leading brands were beginning to provide remote and mobile working solutions as an extra “bonus” for their employees.

However, when COVID-19 struck, remote working stopped being a “nice-to-have” option for forward-thinking brands. The inability to operate from an office environment meant that companies of all sizes had to embrace remote working – and fast.

Although many organisations made the shift to the new remote landscape with impressive speed, there have been some gaps in the transition. Many business leaders still don’t have the most efficient environment in place for their remote team. Vendors and service providers are struggling to keep up with the increase in demand, and companies don’t know how to serve their clients with efficient video and audio experiences on the web.

That’s where tools like Dashbase can help.

Transforming the New Workplace

Dashbase is a solution created to support the way that companies deliver proactive, real-time communications. In an environment where businesses need to connect more meaningfully with clients and coworkers over the web, it’s essential to have complete visibility into the new digital landscape.

Dashbase simplifies the process of understanding your full communication and collaboration lifecycle. Businesses and team leaders can see exactly where the problems in their communication cycle exist so that they can solve problems faster.

The technology works by stitching together log data from various complicated communication environments. Just like your standard call log, you get an insight into where problems with audio and video quality occurred, and how long different tools were used.

The visual maps offered by Dashbase mean that more people within the workplace can get involved with solving communication problems before the issues escalate. This is crucial for service providers delivering video and audio to a remote workforce. It can also be a powerful tool for end-users who want to provide video and audio conferencing experiences to clients.

With Dashbase, agents and front-line engineers can solve customer problems immediately, because they can see exactly where problems begin in a visual environment.

Overcoming Communication Problems Fast

Dashbase is a software solution for the modern world of remote work and video/audio conferencing. In an environment where we’re all more reliant on virtual conversations than ever, Dashbase makes it easier to see where those conversations struggle to deliver the right results.

Rather than having to search through multiple apps and tools to see the source of the problem, Dashbase allows companies to save some crucial time on their strategies for digital growth. You can reduce the amount of time that experts spend solving cases, which means that teams can address more issues.

Dashbase links all the underlying communication logs from your desk phones, softphones, and other tools into the same place, so that teams can solve complex problems. Features include:

  • Quick and convenient visualisations
  • Support for reducing the time associated with problem tracking
  • Synchronisation for all your communication tools
  • Proactive insight into call quality issues
  • Single point of truth data logging
  • Convenient investigation user interface
  • Search for call information
  • Jump from calls to logs
  • 10TB of data per day

With Dashbase, you can find the issues that are harming customer experience and team performance proactively. You don’t even need to get the customer involved to solve the problem or find its source. Employees can collect data and keep it for as long as they need.

Better Overviews for Today’s Teams

Dashbase is a tool dedicated to visibility. When you can visualize your call flows form one end to the other, it’s much simpler to isolate and address issues before they accelerate. Team leaders can search through SIP fields to retrieve calls instantly. There’s also the option to jump from the details of a call into a full set of resolution logs.

Companies can find the root cause of problems by searching through and exploring any data in your entire platform. You get up to 10TB of data per day to play with.

This unique solution works thanks to a powerful log data collection system. When Dashbase collects the information through the many systems in your platform, it’s quick and easy to combine all of your information in the same place.

To make it easier for businesses to deploy Dashbase, the company even offers tools that make it easier to deploy the right technology on the cloud. Even if you’re not familiar with things like Kubernetes, you can get up and running easily.

Dashbase also offers a range of turn-key parsers for all of the systems that you need to link your data from. This makes it much easier to find the perfect route for managing your call logs and information. You can onboard any data from the apps and tools that are critical to your company and use that information alongside your SIP logs.

Visibility for Every Business

Even if you have data in different regions, Dashbase will ensure that you can comply with any data sovereignty laws. You keep data in the perfect region or origin, but you can search through everything together. That means that you don’t have to worry about compliance issues or compromise on a single point of truth for your information.

You can also keep your data for as long as you choose. Dashbase gives you cloud-based object storage that makes your data retention policy as flexible as it needs to be. When you see an issue, you can investigate that problem immediately without having to switch to a logging experience. You can even ask customers to troubleshoot issues in real-time for you.

“With Dashbase, front line engineers and agents are able to solve the customer’s problem immediately” – Dejan Deklich, Chief Product Officer, 8×8

With Dashbase, employees get the freedom to troubleshoot and overcome issues faster. This means that end-users in the remote working landscape can have more reliable communication strategies. And engineers can keep a closer eye on what’s working within the video and audio landscape.


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