Introducing the CloudGenix CloudBlades Platform

Enabling cloud-scale economics to the enterprise

Introducing the CloudGenix CloudBlades Platform

CloudGenix, a company committed to making Cloud-delivered Branch possible through Autonomous SD-WAN solutions, recently introduced its CloudBlades platform. The CloudBlades solution supports the secure delivery of enhanced branch infrastructure through the cloud. Via CloudBlades, network SD-WAN support, voice, security, multi-cloud access, and more are all available to modern businesses, without the demand for additional software or hardware.

Companies using CloudGenix will no longer need to compromise by using legacy hardware routers to host mediocre infrastructure services. Enterprises can deliver the entire branch offering as a cloud service with complete agility on any cloud, any WAN, and excellent infrastructure service.

Now that companies are searching for ways to improve their remote office environments with access to cloud and digital solutions, cloud-delivered strategies are crucial for speed and performance. CloudBlades provides one-click high-performance delivery of infrastructure solutions from the cloud, all with access to best-in-breed providers.

Moving into the Cloud Environment

According to CIO at Aarons, John Trainer, data and applications are already moving to the cloud at scale for many companies. The remote office infrastructure of the evolving business needs agility and elasticity – which is something that the CloudBlades offering can provide.

The VP of Research for Datacentre Networks at IDC, Brad Casemore, also noted that in today’s age of digital transformation (DX), there’s a growing demand for branch transformation and WAN. Organisations that want to achieve real flexibility and operational efficiency need to pursue these solutions for their DX strategy. The CloudBlades platform gives service providers and enterprises the cloud-delivered offering they need, complete with one-click provisioning with a range of best-of-breed security and network options.

The CloudBlades solution enables the quick and impressive delivery of branch infrastructure services, featuring components like:

  • API integration of the branch CPE with various infrastructure services. The CloudBlades platform offers authenticated and secure API access to CloudGenix systems and CPE, as well as a centralised API for programming the app-flow engine at the CPE and integration to the UI for CloudGenix without any code
  • Individual CloudBlades offering pre-integrated delivery of a host of best-of-breed cloud services to the branch CPE, reducing the need for complex integrations from customers. Individual CloudBlades are created by CloudGenix, customers, partners, and other developers
  • CloudGenix Instant-On-Network – a lightweight CPE at branch that serves as the branch enforcement solution for CloudBlades and hosts CloudGenix’s SD-WAN offerings

Exploring the Benefits of the CloudBlades Offering

The CloudGenix team has developed an extensive set of over 20 CloudBlades solutions across infrastructure services offered by companies like RingCentral, Amazon, Microsoft, Symantec, Slack, and many more. According to the VP of services on the cloud for Palo Alto Networks, the offering has allowed Palo Alto Networks to create and deliver a secure SD-WAN that combines networking and best-of-breed security in an elegant format.

The Individual CloudBlades Platforms allow enterprises to create the branch that suits them with the best-of-breed services that they need. CloudBlades ensures that enterprises have the freedom to use any WAN they choose, and with Autonomous SD-WAN from CloudGenix, users can rest assured that their WAN will be highly reliable and unconstrained. Autonomous SD-WAN also uses global intelligence to deliver security and performance SLAs for applications over a range of WAN types.

CloudGenix is also offering exceptional security through cloud-based environments with CloudBlades. The CloudBlades offering extends the branch perimeter to the closest node for cloud security to ensure top-of-the-line performance through connections with CheckPoint, Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, and more.

Enterprises can also use CloudBlades for:

  • Voice and Video: Confidently migrate from on-premise voice to the cloud for voice and video, with the best SLA around. CloudBlades offers solutions like Zoom, Fuze, Skype, and RingCentral.
  • Multi-cloud environments: CloudBlades connects the branch to multi-cloud high-speed environments to ensure excellent multi-cloud access. CloudBlades solutions include offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google
  • IT Operations: Create proactive IT solutions with deep network and application visibility, complete with diagnostics integrated with other analytics systems Offerings come from Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, and CloudGenix Clarity

Taking Advantage of Next-Gen Cloud

As companies continue to recognise the benefits and opportunities of the cloud, the CloudBlades announcement from CloudGenix will enable the deployment of best-in-breed services across the tech architecture. At the same time, CloudGenix is reducing the infrastructure footprint for companies, providing a model that allows users to develop the strategy that suits them.

Partners and customers even have the power to build their own CloudBlades from scratch through the available Developer program – a solution that CloudGenix will be introducing with Hackathon events in cities worldwide.

Now that companies are taking advantage of the opportunities that the branch can offer, it’s necessary to deliver a new model to help users access the services that they need. The CloudBlades services allow enterprises to transform their environment with best-of-breed providers in everything from voice to IT.


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