LeapXpert Releases Consumer Messaging App for Teams

The new app, ‘Leap Work’, has built-in compliance features

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Published: September 12, 2022

James Stephen

Technology Journalist

LeapXpert has released a new consumer messaging application with compliance features which operates using Microsoft Teams.  

‘Leap Work’ promises to increase employee productivity by enabling group chats and messaging with clients on their preferred channels of communication from within the Teams tenant.  

The fully-native app, available worldwide via the Microsoft Teams store, has also been designed to meet stringent communications policies, storing conversations for compliance and proof of business.  

“Since our first joint customer in 2020, we’ve developed countless customer engagements with Microsoft and continue to roll out deployments globally.  

Dima Guzeit, Founder & CEO of LeapXpert, said:  

“By adding our capabilities to Teams, joint customers are reporting uncompromising regulatory compliance, increased employee productivity, and significant cost savings resulting from pooling solutions.”  

Clients are able to connect with Leap Work using a range of communication channels, which include WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, and LINE.  

In a UC Today exclusive, Avi Pardo, Co-Founder and CRO of LeapXpert, said its platform was “future-proof and not dependent on any particular messaging app”. As a result, Pardo says, it is easy to add further messaging channels as and when the demand for them grows.  

Using Leap Work, Teams users can change from messaging channels to voice calling through the Teams Phone application.  

Leap Work is supported by LeapXpert’s platform services, which include data leakage prevention, antivirus and antimalware integrations, information barriers, and ethical walls.  

Pardo also told UC Today what sets its solution apart: “We work closely with Microsoft and are proud to launch the first native Microsoft Teams integration to enable the use of consumer messaging apps from within Teams while recording all conversations for compliance with record-keeping regulations and enterprise policies.  

“On top of that, we uniquely provide a suite of robust governance and security tools. These include Data Leakage Protection for external communication, Information Barriers for external communication, antivirus and antimalware for external communication, and even advanced analytics for external communication.  

“Additionally, we enable the use of voice calls (by triggering Teams Phone from within a message), so communications can flow naturally from messages to voice calls.”  

Where LeapXpert and Microsoft active users cross over, they have a geographic footprint of 45 countries, including the US, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.  

Pardo says it is seeing extremely strong interest in the US due to the ongoing regulatory crackdown around messaging compliance.  

LeapXpert was recently awarded Best Compliance Product at the UC Awards 2022.



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