Logitech Commits to Expanding the Possibilities of Hybrid Work

Logitech is aiming to help make hybrid working a success

Logitech launches the New Logic of Work
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Last Edited: November 3, 2022

Ryan Smith

Technology Journalist

Logitech has launched the ‘New Logic of Work’ commitment designed to empower organisations and their people to expand the possibilities of hybrid work.

According to the company, the New Logic of Work expresses how Logitech understands work in the modern age and how the company designs solutions for people in all spaces.

Through the commitment, Logitech is aiming to deliver personal, and team workspace products and solutions that reinforce the key needs to make hybrid working successful.

Neal Ruczkowski, Managing Director, UK and I, Logitech, said: “The New Logic of Work confirms Logitech’s commitment to helping businesses ensure employees are engaged and productive – whether they are working from the office, from home or in a hybrid environment.

“The future of work is hybrid, human and here to stay and it is essential for any business looking to remain relevant and innovative that it futureproofs its hybrid working capabilities.

“With the New Logic of Work, we are serving the enterprise market as a one-stop shop, helping businesses and their employees succeed at hybrid work – re-tooling work and re-designing spaces so that the job can get done from anywhere.”

Logitech says it is providing organisations with the tools needed to ensure and maximise productivity in an anywhere working world.

It does this with a full suite of hardware, software and services across mobility, the desktop ecosystem and conference rooms of all sizes.

Logitech believes that to ensure hybrid working success, organisations must equip their employees with tools that consider equity, inclusivity and flexibility to enable flexibility and optimise performance.

In October, Logitech introduced the AI-powered tabletop camera ‘Logitech Sight’ to intelligently capture meeting participants for greater meeting equity.  

Sight has been designed to solve the question of where cameras and microphones should be placed in a room to capture all participants effectively.

The product is designed to improve meeting equity as, during the announcement, Logitech pointed to a Microsoft survey that was done earlier this year, which found that 43% of respondents globally said that they did not feel included in meetings.

Logitech has also recently unveiled its Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones designed to meet the evolving needs of hybrid workers.

The company says the new webcams and headphones bring “quality, style, affordability, and sustainability” to employees who are working in a remote environment.

The products followed a recent Logitech survey that shows more than 89% of work-from-home employees struggle with camera angles, poor lighting and field-of-view limitations due to built-in laptop cameras.



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