Looking Forward to Avaya Engage

Time to get engaged with Avaya Engage

Looking Forward to Avaya Engage

Avaya Engage is one of the most compelling events of the year, hosted by leading communications company Avaya, and the IAUG (International Avaya User’s Group). Recognised by many as the “must attend” communications event for those interested in digital transformation and communication experience, Avaya delivers everything from general workshops to inspirational speakers and more.

This year, we’re thrilled to be travelling to the stunning city of Austin, Texas to discover the insights that Avaya has to offer in this culture-rich locale. Avaya is well-known for a commitment to ongoing innovation, so if you don’t already have tickets, we recommend that you sign up now, and join us at this phenomenal event.

Action-Packed Conference Tracks

To help you organise the best possible itinerary, Avaya splits their event into four fantastic days, where you can interact with industry experts, thought leaders, and peers communicating about the latest challenges in communication and digital transformation. Just some of the sessions available will include:

  • AI & Analytics: Explore the integrations that offer a deeper overview of the customer journey and transform the interactions that today’s clients have with your brand
  • Cloud: What does cloud mean to the future of your company, and where should you be looking at leaving on-premise equipment behind. Could hybrid be the right option for your organisation?
  • Customer Experience: CX is one of the biggest trends for any company this year. Discover the tools and information you can leverage to maximise your investments and unlock new ways of connecting with your target audience
  • Digital transformation: What’s your strategy for transformation, and how will it affect both your business and your customer base? Digital transformation sessions will guide you towards the tools that are most important for your brand’s evolution
  • Digital transformation and innovation: As your company transforms, which disruptive technologies should you be looking at? How will things like AR, IoT, and even artificial intelligence affect your organisation? Discover the possibilities in the latest technology innovations
  • Leadership and professional development: How will your company’s professional architecture change in an evolving technology landscape? Give your leaders the guidance they need to support a thriving new culture
  • Services: What tools and services will you be using to maintain, manage and improve your communication system? Look at everything from Avaya Site Administrator tools, to the latest in Avaya UC tech
  • Team collaboration: Find out how you can help your teams work more efficiently together with the newest UC solutions from Avaya. Whether you’re interested in the cloud, flexible working, or building a new enterprise environment, this could be the track for you

Network and Learn

Avaya Engage is a conference that’s all about growth. For some companies, this means exploring new technologies to add to their communication stack. For other ambitious individuals, the event is a great opportunity to network with over 100 exhibitors and 3,000 attendees, all interested in the same sector as you. Avaya considers the “Engage” experience to be a world-class program in communication education, intended to help attendees expand their mind.

During your time at Avaya Engage, you’ll not only meet peers, but you’ll also be inspired by the stories of other businesses using Avaya technology. Additionally, there are plenty of keynote speakers to give you the inside scoop too, including sessions from:

  • Peyton Manning – NFL Legend
  • Jim Chirico – CEO and President of Avaya
  • Laurent Philonenko – Senior Vice President of Innovation for Avaya
  • Gaurav Passi – President of Cloud Business for Avaya
  • Dino Di Palma – President of America Sales and Global Accounts
  • Chris McGugan – SVP of Solutions and Technology

The Avaya Partner Forum is also available for those who are keen to network and explore. Running on the 21st of January between 1 pm and 4 pm, Avaya CEO Jim Chirico will highlight the vision and strategy for the Avaya brand as we head into 2019. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn what’s coming next in the Avaya roadmap.

Pre-Conference Sessions

Alongside everything that’s happening in the Avaya Engage “official” event, Avaya will also be running a series of pre-conferences on Sunday the 20th of January, between 8 am and 12 pm. The conferences will give Avaya partners, customers, and other attendees a chance to learn more about the technology available from Avaya and how they can use it. For instance, some of the sessions available include:

  • Equinox Bootcamp: An introduction to Avaya Equinox – one of the leading tools available from Avaya today. Learn how to rapidly implement a new solution for your business and ensure easy adoption too
  • Workspaces Elite: This session covers the basics of Avaya Workspaces for Elite, and how these workspaces allow users to manage inbound interactions with customers. You’ll also learn about seamless collaboration solutions with partners, services, and other users
  • Avaya Aura Packet Trace Tools: This session covers “trace tools” in Avaya Aura – an essential component of the network troubleshooting process. Here, you’ll see live demonstrations on how to access and invoke the latest trace tools to reduce stress in your daily administration tasks
  • Administrating IP Office: Upgrade your IP Office Administration strategies with insights into Release 11 – the latest version of the software with plenty of new management features and capabilities. Discover how to make the most of IP Office Manager and Web Manager. You’ll also be able to learn about the Office backup and restore features
  • Proactive Outreach Manager Admin: This pre-conference session provides insights into Proactive Outreach manager and some of the latest updates to the solution. Attendees will learn how to build outbound campaigns and strategies in various unique environments
  • Safeguard your CX: This security-focused session will look at the testing and monitoring strategies that Avaya users can access to safeguard the enterprise. Here, you’ll find out how to automate testing strategies, manage your monitoring plans, and detect issues when they occur within your contact centre

The Fun and Functional Comms Conference

The Avaya Engage conference is a brilliant opportunity to learn all about the Avaya solutions that will improve operations within your business. Whether you’re interested in the hands-on labs and workshops, or the speaker sessions, you’re sure to find something to enjoy.

All the while, there are plenty of great ways to have fun at the Avaya event too, with dinner and drinks at the welcome appreciation party, and fantastic entertainment at the closing party too. What’s more, you’ll be able to explore the culture and diversity of Austin in your free time.

We can’t wait to attend! What are you most looking forward to with this year’s Avaya Engage 2019?


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AvatarRob Scott 18:36, 16 Jan 2019

Looking forward to hearing some announcements at Engage next week. UC Today (me) will be on location picking up the news as it happens.

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