Lumen Introduces Teams Solution for Remote Work

Rebekah Carter

Lumen launches new Microsoft Teams solution

Lumen Introduces Teams Solution for Remote Work

Lumen, a leading communications, networking, and security solution, recently announced a new update to its portfolio. The company has taken full advantage of the evolving remote and hybrid work environment with the introduction of the Lumen Solutions offering for Microsoft Teams. The managed UCaaS offering leverages all the benefits of the Lumen platform, combined with the functionality of Microsoft Teams, to boost worker productivity and efficiency.

Lumen notes that that the remote work offering is essential at a time when government agencies and businesses are making the transition to remote work, with cloud tools for business continuity. Lumen’s solution addresses the growing need to be agile and flexible, allowing employees to work from home without sacrificing staff or customer experience.

Preparing Teams for a New Age of Work

The Lumen solution for Microsoft Teams will empower employees and groups from all backgrounds to access a better level of communication and collaboration. According to the Senior Director for Product Management at Lumen, Craig Richter, few businesses were fully prepared for the challenges they face during the 2020 global health crisis.

Lumen’s Microsoft Teams service means companies can easily embrace “work from anywhere” policies because Lumen addresses the burden of managing and handling complex calling and collaboration tools critical for remote work. Lumen’s decision to deliver one of the most popular unified communications offering via their powerful platform is a valuable step forward for the brand.

According to Craig, Lumen’s platform offers a secure global network, excellent security, and speed for the transfer of data and applications. This is particularly valuable now, as since the pandemic, UC&C technology is keeping the lights on for the majority of businesses.

Supporting the Modern Workforce

The Lumen offering for Microsoft Teams integrates and aligns previously siloed tools in video, voice, and web services. With Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams, get all the advantages of Microsoft Teams for collaboration, with Lumen’s expertise in delivering a managed user experience that includes analytics and advanced reporting.

According to the Director of the Microsoft Teams Platform, Daniel Canning, offerings like “Lumen Solutions for Microsoft Teams”, are constantly evolving to suit the needs of the customers of a changing communication environment. Microsoft is thrilled that Lumen is extending the abilities of the Teams environments in a time when the demand for remote and flexible working is higher than ever.



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