Luware Launches New Nimbus Suite for Microsoft Teams

Gabriel Avner

This cloud-native customer service suite was built using the Microsoft Graph API and allows fast and easy setup

Luware Launches New Nimbus Suite for Microsoft Teams

The customer service software solutions provider Luware has recently announced the launch of their newest cloud-native customer service suite, appropriately named Luware Nimbus.   

The modular solution is a cloud-native solution for Microsoft Teams, using the Microsoft Graph API, built and running on Azure. Luware Nimbus allows customers to set up their call queues, routing and contact center in a very short time and with no additional infrastructure. Thanks to the cloud-native integration, customers can leverage the full capabilities of the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Modular suite for all customer service use cases

We have a strong trust in Microsoft Teams and that the platform will revolutionize customer service,” says Philipp Beck, CEO at Luware, explaining that, We go a step further, not only adding functionality to Teams, but taking full advantage of the Microsoft ecosystem and its power – for integration, automation, AI and all of what’s to come in the future.” 

Luware has already been offering Routing, Contact Center and Attendant Console solutions for Teams for over a year. With Luware Nimbus, the leading software vendor announces a completely new product suite which will gradually replace its current ‘Luware Stratus’ product family. Nimbus is modular, offering solutions (feature bundles) for various customer service use cases:  

  • Luware Routing for smart call queuing and routing based on teams’  presence, basic CRM integration etc. (planned for beginning of 2021)
  • Luware Contact Center with skill-based and database-routing, full CRM integration etc. (planned for second half of 2021)
  • Luware Attendant Console for fast and easy manual call transfers (planned for beginning of 2021)
  • Luware Recording for financial compliance and quality management recording (available now)

Luware Nimbus preview and launch

In a preview video, Luware shows some of the highlights of Luware Nimbus: 


SaaS for minimal IT infrastructure and support

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model of Luware Nimbus reduces IT infrastructure and support to a minimum. After a one-time simple installation and approval of the app for the entire organization, companies can combine the modular solutions as they wish. They can start small and add more solutions at any point. 

Powerful tool in customer interaction

Mike Ammerlaan who serves as a Director in the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft, says:

Customer service add-ons, such as the ones from Luware, make Microsoft Teams a powerful tool in customer interaction. They empower every employee in the company to serve customers easily and effectively to achieve more”

The full potential of integration

Nimbus allows customers to fully leverage the Microsoft ecosystem and maximize their investment. Alexander Grafetsberger, Product Manager at Luware, emphasizes: “Nimbus offers much more than just its function set. Since it is integrated with Azure and the Power Platform, it can utilize all the out-of-the-box integrations such as Power Automate (formerly Flow), Power BI, as well as the Azure Communication Services, authentic text-to-speech and future automation and integrations.” 

Luware Nimbus preview and launch

For a preview of Luware Nimbus and sign-up for the latest information and launch, please visit Luware.



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