Maintel Delivers SD-WAN for Managed Network

Maintel boosts managed network service

Maintel Delivers SD-WAN for Managed Network

Maintel, a company committed to transforming the communication strategies of customers around the world, recently revealed a new product launch, just in time for the start of 2019. Maintel is a fast-growing organisation, known for their managed communication services, capable of supporting both private and public sector enterprises in the UK. Today, the launch of the new ICON Connect SD-WAN solution will bring SD-WAN technology to Maintel’s high-level managed network solution.

Maintel is committed to continually investing in its products and people, and they believe that the addition of SD-WAN technology to their managed network service will help to make their networks more agile and reliable.

Increasing Agility in the Age of Cloud

Over the years, Maintel has delivered secure connection options for workforces on the move, in the cloud, and the office, helping to produce more productive employees, agile organisations, and engaged customers. Maintel is driven by their desire to deliver services that place the customer at the front of their journey to digital transformation.

According to the CTO of Maintel, Rufus Grig, as the drive towards cloud technology in the communications space continues, and companies express a constant need to be secure and agile, SD-WAN technology and the support of a reliable managed network is the best way to deliver excellent service. For customers seeking increased agility, the ICON Connect service will drive the efficient use of bandwidth within the business, while also providing visibility into the way that the network is running at any given time.

Support from Cisco

According to the Press Release about the upcoming ICON release, Maintel partnered with Cisco, another leading vendor in the communication space to deliver this new solution. Maintel is incorporating the Magic Quadrant-leading SD-WAN technology from Cisco into their ICON offering. The solution is then enhanced even further with the Maintel Managed Service system.

According to Grig, customers in the Maintel community will be able to benefit from a range of excellent features with the ICON connect service. Consumers will have the best selection of access technologies available in the UK, along with on-net access to cloud providers, protected internet peering, and state of the art management and monitoring features. All that, and users will also have the added advantages of SD-WAN. Maintel believes that the new solution will give their customers the peace of mind they need to operate their business with unbeatable reliability and agility.

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