Managing Complexity in Enterprise UC

Maya Middlemiss

Ribbon’s solutions for consistent integration

Managing Complexity in Enterprise UC

Ribbon Communications are used to operating at scale – which is essential when it comes to managing their customers’ complex routing environments, through the UC transition and beyond.

As Territory Manager, David Shapero explained, consistent uptime is non-negotiable for the clients they serve. “Across the West we have power utilities, pharmaceuticals, several huge financial institutions, and software clients with over 30,000 seats, requiring calls routed to the right agent depending on skillset, language, and a bunch of other criteria.

“Internally some of them use Teams, others use Zoom, and their contact centres were usually run separately. For organisations that have grown by acquisition, every acquired business generally has its own PBX with a specific call routing scenario that we have to immediately bridge together – four-digit dialling here, five-digit dialling over there, and 10 digit dialling for this team.”

Bringing it all together: SBCs and PSX

Ribbon’s SBCs are the key to terminating a range of different inbound carrier trunks, SIP or PRI. But that’s not the whole story, as Shapero explained:

“What really makes Ribbon unique in this scenario is our PSX – which is the same tool that the top 10 carriers in the world use for all routing of cellphones and everything else. If you port your number from AT&T to Verizon, that’s going through a PSX database. And we use that same routing engine in an enterprise to determine where each call should go or how it should be handled.”

Ribbon’s carrier heritage also adds a unique layer, as Sales Engineer Brad Chapin added. “A critical element, particularly for contact centres, is how many calls per second we can handle through our SBCs. Not only is the baseline for this very high, we can do hand-off in such a way that if any box fails, not one call is lost, it seamlessly switches over. And then in the case of virtualized software, our ability to use off-the-shelf PSPs from vendors like Nvidia allow us to do a huge amount of transcoding very cost effectively.”

Sustainable call solutions for resilient remote-ready enterprises

This approach to call routing combines with Ribbon’s leading analytics tooling, to support organisations seeking lasting cloud-based UC solutions – protecting businesses from fraud and risk, wherever their people are working.

“Often our first conversation will be about toll fraud and robocalling,” Shapero pointed out. “In that process, we look at the whole network and rebuild that core in order to give them the other benefits, but the edict from their boss initially was hey we’ve got to fix fraud. Everything starts with security.

“The way that companies continue to manage internal security is really going to be by managing that intelligent core. Some of that will always be on-prem and require support for that kind of solution. So we’re equipping businesses to manage their data in the most appropriate and intelligent way”

Data is after all the critical resource, and so far, bandwidth has been the limiting factor. The 5G rollout will boost capacity for internal and external uses, including application-based flows, integrating sensor feedback with calls into one consistent overview. 

The future is about resolving complexity with distributed data flows and seamless solutions, and whatever the scale involved, Ribbon can tie it all together.


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