Masergy Launches First Integrated AI Network

Introducing AIOps from Masergy

Masergy Launches First Integrated AI Network

Masergy, a leading provider of solutions intended to help global enterprises disrupt, innovate and dominate in their industries, recently announced the arrival of their new AIOps solution. As a provider of managed cloud communications, SD-WAN and security solutions, Masergy is already a well-known innovator in the communications space. The arrival of the AIOps solution makes Masergy the provider of the first integrated Artificial Intelligence digital assistant for security, network, and application optimisation.

The Masergy AIOps offering acts as a virtual engineer, embedded into the Intelligent Service Control customer portal, which supports the optimisation and administration of SD-WAN opportunities. The initial release of this service will allow Masergy network clients to access intelligent alerts and recommendations for enhancing application performance, optimising network output, and predicting bandwidth needs through predictive analysis and anomaly detection.

Introducing AI-Enhanced Opportunities from Masergy

According to Nemertes research, enterprise demand for managed SD-WAN solutions is on the rise. Managed services also provide a reduction in annual downtime by up to 70%, as well as an average outage length reduction of 82% compared to DIY deployments. The performance insights for application and network performance delivered by Masergy’s AIOps could have a significant impact on today’s businesses.

According to Nemertes, Masergy’s AI-enhanced solution will help to increase uptime, reduce the amount of time that IT teams spend trouble-shooting problems, and enable faster fault recovery too. Some of the key features of the service include:

  • Expandable options for proactive application, network, and security optimisation
  • Embedded AI tools in intelligent service control customer portal
  • Predictive insights and anomaly detection
  • Sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms with recognition of big data
  • Smart analytics and recommendations for multi-cloud environments

Upgrading SD-WAN Deployments

According to the Executive Chairman and CTO of Masergy, Chris MacFarland (pictured above), with almost 2 decades of security and SD-WAN networking solutions to offer, Masergy are uniquely positioned to deliver huge advancements in network automation technology for today’s global enterprises. The company expects to bring fully autonomous networking to global enterprises in just a few years, and AIOps helps with this.




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