Microsoft Azure & Inmarsat Join Forces

Delivering cloud services via satellite

Microsoft Azure & Inmarsat Join Forces

Leading global mobile satellite communications company Inmarsat has just announced a new collaborative agreement with leading tech company Microsoft. The partnership between Microsoft Azure and Inmarsat will enable Inmarsat customers to transfer the data they collect through their industrial IoT solutions to the Microsoft Azure Central IoT platform. Under this new agreement, Azure customers will also have access to Inmarsat’s advanced satellite network. This means that users will be able to connect their infrastructure for the Internet of Things to cloud apps in the world’s most reliable network system.

The collaboration is set to focus first on providing users with access to industry-level IoT solutions that support sectors like logistics, transportation, agriculture and mining. This will support visibility and digitalisation across a global supply chain. What’s more, customers will also be able to access a range of tools that help to connect multiple devices, joining the assets in the digital and physical worlds.

A Powerful New Relationship for Global Connectivity

The VP of Industrial IoT strategy at Inmarsat, Tara MacLachlan, said that the collaboration with Microsoft Azure is a crucial part of the company’s industrial IoT strategy. By working with Azure, Inmarsat will be able to ensure that their customers have access to the data that they generate through their intelligent IoT solutions, regardless of their infrastructure location. By analysing and accessing this data, companies will be able to optimise IoT operations and discover new value opportunities.

The president of Inmarsat Enterprise, Paul Gudonis, also said that the Inmarsat relationship with Microsoft Azure will offer customers the dependable cloud services and global connectivity they need. This access will make it easier to unlock the power of industrial IoT solutions that open further intelligence and transparency in the worldwide supply chain. Microsoft and Inmarsat will be able to make it faster and easier than ever for businesses to exploit the latest pioneering technology.

New Opportunities for Customers

The Director of Microsoft Azure IoT, Sam George, noted that Microsoft Azure was built to extend the reach of the cloud through intelligent edge and IoT services. The goal of the business going forward is to help customers take advantage of the latest connected IoT solutions regardless of where they may be in their journey. Through Inmarsat, customers across a host of industries will benefit from the power offered by the intelligent and edge and intelligent cloud, with access to global satellite connectivity even in remote parts of the world.

Inmarsat has a strong reputation as one of the leading providers of mobile satellite connectivity designed for IoT deployments on an industrial level. The company has shown a fantastic track record for operating some of the world’s most reliable commercial mobile satellite networks, sustaining crucial business applications for more than 40 years. The award-winning services offered by Inmarsat, combined with Microsoft Azure’s solutions will open new doors for the IoT industry.



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