Microsoft MyAnalytics Review: Insights for Productivity

Personal productivity insights with MyAnalytics

Microsoft MyAnalytics Review: Insights for Productivity

The world of work is changing, driven by new trends like remote employment and digital nomadism. In this new environment, employees no longer have supervisors and managers watching over their shoulders, pushing them to accomplish more. However, that doesn’t mean that modern team members don’t want to excel in their roles.

Microsoft Office 365 offers today’s businesses one of the most comprehensive productivity suites on the market – available both on-premise and in the cloud. Not only does the Microsoft 365 environment provide access to word processing tools and collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, it also offers strategies for personal and professional growth.

MyAnalytics, now available for the Office 365 environment, provides today’s employees with a behind-the-scenes insight into their work patterns so that they can figure out unique ways of working more intelligently.

Microsoft MyAnalytics Review: Features

The MyAnalytics offering from Microsoft Office 365 is designed to improve focus, wellbeing and collaboration potential in the digital workplace. With MyAnalytics, you can track the time that you spend on specific applications each day. What’s more, business leaders and supervisors can use the same technology to figure out what kind of bottlenecks are stopping their team members from being their most productive selves.

MyAnalytics offers companies, and individual employees access to:

  • A personal dashboard showcasing time spent on certain apps within Office 365
  • Personalised productivity insights and suggestions for improvement
  • Weekly reports highlighting workload management
  • Adoption materials for teams and individuals to help with the reduction of workplace stress
  • Support for teams to increase productivity and creativity
  • Outlook add-ins with activity cards based on recent activities
  • Nudges via outlook for the development of healthy work habits

The MyAnalytics environment offers a useful and actionable insight into how individuals and teams work, creating better productivity and stronger focus in the workplace.

Microsoft MyAnalytics Review: Benefits

In a world where there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for office productivity, MyAnalytics from Microsoft could help modern employees to track down the strategies that are most likely to drive success from their day-to-day activities. With this immersive Office 365 tool, you get benefits like:

  • Personal productivity insights: AI-powered suggestions from Outlook help you to figure out how to manage and schedule your time to get the most important tasks done first
  • Improved work patterns: When team members can understand their work patterns and see bottlenecks in their productivity, they can take steps to actively improve their strategies. MyAnalytics even includes access to weekly report digests
  • Activity dashboard: The activity dashboard on MyAnalytics demonstrates which tools and services you use the most in Office 365. This helps you to see which tools are bringing you the most value. It could also help businesses to understand which services their teams need most
  • Privacy by design: With MyAnalytics, only the employee can view the personal data collected on their work patterns in calls, chat, emails, and meetings, unless they decide to share their information elsewhere
  • Insights add-on: Microsoft recently introduced a new Insights for MyAnalytics feature in 2019, which helps with things like avoiding meeting conflicts, implementing to-do reminders, and setting up one-on-one meetings with colleagues

Whether used on an individual basis or shared with various members of your team, the MyAnalytics solution provides a valuable overview of how work actually gets done in the modern business landscape. This could translate into considerable improvements in efficiency, productivity, and engagement in the modern workplace.

Microsoft MyAnalytics Review: Our Thoughts

The MyAnalytics environment from Microsoft is a fantastic tool for improving productivity engagement, and workflow management. Whether used by freelancers or members of an entire team, this unique Office 365 tool will deliver insightful overviews of day-to-day performance in a business. The more you know about how you spend your time each day, the easier it is to ensure that you’re not wasting valuable moments.

The artificial-intelligence-enhanced personal recommendations from MyAnalytics also makes it easier for today’s workers to figure out what kind of steps they might be able to take to improve their performance. For instance, you might be able to see that a weekly meeting is taking up too much of your time and discuss switching that meeting for a quick video conference instead.

In an age of digital transformation and workplace evolution, MyAnalytics gives businesses and employees the information they need to make powerful decisions about productivity.


4.2 out of 5

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